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Invisible lines as a color/weight/visilibility option

Invisible lines as a color/weight/visilibility option

So, so often I find the need to have categories, sub-categories, filters, etc to have an option for no lines at all. There have been some related ideas in here, but I don't think any have touched on this very general, all-encompassing (as well hopefully easy to implement) attribute. I'm thinking of an option similar to adobe software (illustrator, ps, indesign) where your options are a)color or b) no/invisible line. It would be so helpful in cases where the linework tool needs to be used indefinitely - such as only wanting to see lines in section and not in elevation (using masses to create 3D property lines the will show up in sections), or not seeing certain lines in annotations and dimensions; and also where one doesn't have the option at all to override the linestyles (e.g.  Topography). This issue has come up more times than I can count.

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revit-can't find the opinion bar or the slope arrow icon ref: exercise 7-5


@Anonymous  Care to elaborate? Also if you're interested in the idea, vote for it!

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Exercise 7-5 Adding a Gable...


4. Split the roof...


5. Select the new line...

Uncheck Defines Slope on the option bar.

Select the Slope arrow

note: unable to find options bar or slope arrow icon.



Invisible lines please 😉


This is such a simple request! I can see a few simple ways Revit could implement this in the V/G overrides:

  • add a line weight 0
  • add a color of transparent
  • add a pattern of "Empty" (opposite of "Solid")
  • add a separate transparency override for lines.

Autodesk, if you're out there, please answer our prayer

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