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Introducing Turkish Language Support in Revit: Bridging the Gap for a Wider User Base

Introducing Turkish Language Support in Revit: Bridging the Gap for a Wider User Base

Revit, as a leading software in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), has revolutionized the way professionals create, collaborate, and visualize their designs. However, one crucial aspect that has been missing is comprehensive language support, particularly for Turkish-speaking users.

With a population exceeding 80 million, Turkey is a vibrant hub of construction and architectural activities. Architects, engineers, and designers across the country are actively engaged in shaping the built environment. However, the absence of Turkish language support in Revit has posed significant challenges for these professionals, impeding their productivity and limiting their ability to fully harness the software's capabilities.

By introducing Turkish language support in Revit, Autodesk can bridge this gap and empower a vast community of Turkish-speaking AEC professionals. This enhancement would enable them to work seamlessly within their native language, enhancing their efficiency and accuracy in project delivery.

The benefits of Turkish language support in Revit extend beyond the convenience of language preference. It fosters better communication and collaboration within project teams, as members can discuss and annotate designs in their preferred language. Additionally, it promotes inclusivity, opening up opportunities for education and skill development for Turkish-speaking students and aspiring professionals.

Moreover, the implementation of Turkish language support aligns with Autodesk's commitment to global accessibility and usability. By recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of its users, Revit can truly become a global platform for design and construction, empowering professionals from different regions to contribute effectively to the industry.

In conclusion, the introduction of Turkish language support in Revit is a necessary and valuable addition that would greatly benefit the Turkish AEC community. By embracing linguistic diversity, Revit can enhance productivity, collaboration, and inclusivity, ultimately empowering professionals to bring their innovative ideas to life with greater ease and efficiency.


If necessary, I am ready to volunteer in this team. I would be happy to contact you.


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