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Internal origin visibility for sheets (On/Off)

Internal origin visibility for sheets (On/Off)

An Internal origin visibility for sheets (On/Off) should be added to identify the 0,0 point on sheets for sheet setups. Right now we have to link in CAD files to accurately locate the origin for placement  or verifications sheets haven't moved off the origin which cause sheet setup to land off the page.


This origin point is equally critical in consistency between CAD setups, PDF and Revit sheet setups.


Or allow for the "reposition at origin" option for a titleblock family, like you can for a Revit link.


@casquatch That is a great one too! Would love to have both!


Many times I need to create a quick one-off sheet, or a general sheet view that doesn't have a border per-se and 'may' need to be printed later.



Something like this @casquatch, something in a halftone in the bottom left-hand corner?

Maybe you need to turn it on or off,  a print option might be better?

Recently there was an accepted idea that would allow you to align all the sheets in a project,  so your idea would work together well.   

Am I on the right track?



internal sheet origin.jpg


@Mark_Engwirda :

Yes too, I have DYNs and Ideate that align sheets and viewports.



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