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Integrated Keynote Manager

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant brandongarrett6926 on ‎04-21-2017 06:43 AM - last edited on ‎04-21-2017 06:43 AM |

We need a fully integrated and robust keynote management interface built into Revit. Why are we having to rely on 3rd party applications, excel or a basic note editor for something that is fundamental to the process of creating a set of drawings?



By: Explorer jondan
| Posted ‎04-21-2017 03:09 PM

Yes, yes, yes! And while we're at it, go ahead and build the spellcheck into the Keynote Manager (as well as to schedules, PLEASE).

A proper Keynotes function would be fantastic, especially if it were able to be grouped by type, by sheet (Project parameter as well as user-defined), and by view (including drafting views).

By: Observer DONOVANYOUNG8505
| Posted ‎04-23-2017 04:20 AM

I agree, Revit should have a build in Excel import function. I use excel to do my energy calcs and then import it into Revit using a 3rd party app. Schedules are such a key feature of Revit that this function should be part of Revit. The problem is I am using Revit 2018 and the 3rd party app is still 2017 version, so I am forced to use Revit 2017 till company decides to bring out latest version. Very frustrating...

By: Advocate jkucia
| Posted ‎04-24-2017 05:37 AM

Good thoughts.  I'd personally like to see a both-and in this case; small projects could probably benefit from wielding a simple text file, where large firms/projects could better streamline with a gorilla-sized management solution.


I would take this one step further to say that the entire "tag" system should be more streamlined.  Category tags, multi-category tags, and material tags personalized through two dozen category customizations.  Plus three flavors of keynotes.  All of this combined with some things that can be noted one or two ways and other things which must be noted a completely separate way.  Flexibility is nice, overwhelming inconsistency is not.

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