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Integrated AutoCAD drawing origin manipulation

Integrated AutoCAD drawing origin manipulation

There is one single issue that kind of forces you to subscribe into a full version AutoCAD, and is the fact that Revit really can't handle dwg-based drawings with an origin further than a certain distance from the Revit-origin.

And in reality that means EVERY map I use. (and everyone else in most places around the world). 

It's either a fatal flaw or long lost forgetfulness, but more possible just the usual sleazy bind-and-squeeze-your-costumers business-philosophy...

So... Solution: make it possible to use AutoCAD map-drawings straight out of the box without the graphic looks like a game of Mikado. Or make a free limited version of AutoCAD; either app- or cloudbased where you can manipulate the origin to fit Revit.

I can live with the fact that I pay bloodmoney for a program that really hasn't evolved or gone past the beta-testing feeling for more than two decades. There can only be one answer: Autodesk do not yet fear their competitors enough to speed up the development.

If Revit was a mobile phone we we hadn't evolved to the handheld phase yet...


Sorry, I'm past the level of patience to being polite


Still seeing a lot of popular ideas being pickled for years, even though they would be as easy as scratching oneself in the neck to integrate.



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I am not really sure what I am voting for here but I get your point. As the DWG format is kind of openish you are not  stuck with AD products to edit them. At least for now, Revit does complain about DWG authoring software. It is probably safe to use another application than AutoCAD to cleanse whatever we need to load into Revit. Some of these are even still properly licenced and need not be subscribed to.

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