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Insulation to behave as static geometry to pipe and duct

Insulation to behave as static geometry to pipe and duct


Insulation is applied to a duct and/or pipe as an added option to that duct or pipe. However when using filters to control pipe and/or duct based on parameters found within the properties of that pipe or duct the insulation is treated as a separate object and left untouched from that filter. Even if the pipe or duct insulation is selected in the filter. Since the properties of that pipe and duct are not passed over into insulation this leaves pipe and duct turning off but floating insulation remains. This requires additional steps to be required to control insulation on or off for the entire run of pipe and duct with insulation.


Please allow an option where insulation is controlled and associated to the object it surrounds, therefore if the object is controlled to be visible or non-visible the associated insulation (assuming it was on in visibility graphics) is turned on or off according to the pipe and duct settings.


Insulation needs to be a subcategory of Duct/Pipe. At the moment you can have the insulation that's on a different phase, & different workset.


To edit the phase of the insulation you have to edit each piece individually, as you can't select insulation! 

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our Revit Public Roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory


In doing so, can Autodesk also look into the problem with insulation appearances on their pipe fitting and accessories families? Below is a link to best describe the issue.


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