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Inserting FBX into Revit

Inserting FBX into Revit

Why I can not insert FBX file directly into Revit despite I can export one !!!


we need this urgently ,,,specially in trying to import FBX - road file for example into Revit.


This idea had been stated before but unfortunately " achieved " , I wish it will collect a lot of votes now to be implemented.  


Maybe it's not possible because it's not recommended to import "teselated chunk" in a Revit Model.

But you might bring it in Revit via (Navisworks) NWD Link

I know a workaround that might help you in the meantime. Though I haven't tried it recently.

The problem with it is that it depends on revit versions AND sketchup.


Here's the general idea.

1. Import the FBX into a sketchup (free) file and Save and Close

2. Open revit

3. Create a new family ( Choose the most fitting family type )

4. Insert > Import CAD > ".skp file"

5. Load family into project


The reason I'd put it in a family is so that you can keep it contained.


Hope this works for you.


I agree, at least because Infraworks can only export geometry to FBX, Revit must be able to import link FBX files.

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@samuelsanfyes I know 🙂 ,,but as it is archived , I can not give it a vote ,,and so I rewrite my need to this feature.


@Anonymous, yes. I tried to say that this is a feature other users suggest in the past, so it's kind of important.


In the archived idea I post a link to this one, so if any one found it, can going to here to vote.

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If the 20+ year old Revit platform will not be rebuilt from scratch in the next few months it's absolutely a necessity to make importing of FBX files into Revit an option. Customers demands for more realistic 3D objects like furniture's increases from project to project and we have to admit the 3D family editor modelling toolset and workflow in Revit is langsyne outdated compared to other 3D/BIM software's on the market today (yes, even the unnecessarily complex Conceptual Massing tools are old school despite it's advantages over the basic Family Editor). It's really frustrating to have limitations like these in the (still) most widely used BIM software worldwide in the 21st century. I think if Revit had the capability of importing FBX or even OBJ files into Revit projects and families, architectural firms would not even be considering a switch to other BIM software's like I read in every other BIM related articles today. You can easily create any complex 3D forms and export them to FBX/OBJ in software's like 3ds MAX, Rhino and the magnificent free open source software Blender to name a few and if you could then import those complex shapes into Revit with PBR materials and textures Revit would gain it's former strength and be again the leading BIM software worldwide as it was 10-20 years ago. Blender > Revit > Enscape/Twinmotion is a combination that can do it all. Please Autodesk, put more effort into the A of AEC.

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100% agree.


Definitely want/need ability to Import > Linked InfraWorks Model, especially since Revit has abandoned the Site Designer tools, or the ability to import LandXML files unless they are published from Civil3D through BIM 360 (or whatever they call it now).


Buildings are built on sites. The lack of any useful toolset in Revit is glaring and inexcusable. Civil 3D is a monstrously complicated program and many architects don't have civil engineers on board before the building is already being designed. If we are blessed to have a survey and the CE's provide a toposurface, great, but that usually doesn't extend past the property line and so we have no model of the adjacent context.


How can this be 2021 and still no solution?


I want that!

I use blender to model quickly and this function is missing.


2024 and Revit still can't import fbx files? The only workaround is Navisworks import?

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