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Insert Views from File Closes Worksets and ignores linked files

Insert Views from File Closes Worksets and ignores linked files

When you use the Insert views from file tool, Revit seems to just open the file you select like normal, but in the background. This can take time in general, but it takes a significant amount of more time to open the file needed as well as any linked files connected to it. The linked files are not needed nor are they even something you can pull a view in from, so why load them?




This tool should ignore any linked files to the selected file and just load it entirely by itself. Even better still, it could just ignore and close all worksets from the file, this would remove the links from loading and make the opening of that file much faster. Since the insert views from file tool ONLY allows non-model type views to be loaded, there is no reason for worksets or linked files.


Disabling the worksets and links would also make this tool ACTUALLY useful when pulling views from previous version Revit files. 

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Agreed - it is even more painful when those views are in a project from an older version of Revit, since the software then upgrades every linked files before allowing you to pull the views.


So just also ran into an issue today that further shows the need for some fixes in this tool. 


I had a user wanting to load in details from a project they are working on that is in 2020, the file they were loading them into is in 2021. So it was upgrading. Since this wonderful Insert Views tool doesn't do much of anything useful, this user had the 2020 file locked up so no one working on that project could sync it just because they were trying to load some details into their 2021 project.


So to add to the list of things this tool SHOULD already just do, please make it also Detach any Central models BEFORE closing their worksets.

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