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Inheritance of View Template

Inheritance of View Template




If it is possible to make a new inherited view template from another existing view template, it can be very useful to manage view templates. 


For example, there is a typical view template for plans. But, if there is a unique plan which requires minor modification in the typical view template. 


Usually, revit users duplicate the typical view template in order to make new one. But, unfotunatly, the new one is independent from the original typical view template. So, in case the original one is modified, the new one can have unexpected discrepancies in the settings. So, this issue creates difficulty to manage consistency of views with original view templates and duplicated view templates.


In this case, if Revit has "Inherited View Template" function which inherits all settings from the original view templates except the settings modified in the new one. Users can manage view templates more logically for ex ceptional situations.


For this reason, if Revit introduces "Inherited View Template" function, it can be very helpful for users to manage it safely and easily. 

Thank you.

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Subcategories for view templates!


The main viewtemplate can have the 'include' toggle on or off, the subcategorie toggle are greyed out for where the main has it on on.

A sub viewtemplate could only change settings that are not locked by the main viewtemplate. 


Now just make copying setting groups from one viewtemplate to another. (copy/paste button behind the include toggle or something)

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