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Increment Separate List(s) Within the Same Text Note

Increment Separate List(s) Within the Same Text Note

Currently, it looks like it is only possible to increment the first list within a text note. If, for some reason, you wanted to add a second list within the text note that does not start at the beginning, then you could not. In my particular case, I was modifying text that had been formatted in AutoCAD and I had to do manual multilevel list formatting due to the limitations of the Revit text editor. I wanted the text note to start at K. After the custom formatting, I wanted to be able to start a normal list at L. Apparently this is not possible in 2018. To get everything to look right I will need to start a new text note.


Still the same behavior in Revit 2020. The sub-par text formatting in Revit is one of the reasons why we still use AutoCAD for general notes. Related ideas:

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Couldn't agree with you more @lionel.kai 


This really needs to be attended too, it's extremely annoying and not practical.  


I'll add my voice to this continued conversation -  Revit 2022 still hasn't fixed this issue.  It's a shame that i have more text editing options in this post dialog than i do in the software that i use everyday.

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Text editing in Revit is awful--frankly, I'm embarrassed for Autodesk. I swear it's gotten worse over time, not better. On the production side of this business, efficient text editing is just as important as building modeling bells and whistles. I guess I'll just have to type in bullet numbers manually since the Incremental List Value "feature" doesn't work properly.

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