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Improve "Select All Instances" options

Improve "Select All Instances" options



Some native commands in Revit could be soooo much better just by adding some variations.


Please, add more options under the Select All Instances menu, like:

- Of the same Type in view
- Of the same Type in model
- Of the same Family in view
- Of the same Family in model
- Of the same Category in view
- Of the same Category in model

And allow us to select more than one object.

Thanks 😃


Surely a great idea 👍


have you tried to select objects from a schedule? it's even better than that, cause you can have a schedule filtered and grouped by many parameters, even native or customized, and multiple arguments at the same time.  If you are skilled at managing schedules, it is a very powerful tool


Let me write the steps.  If you already know this, for newbies:

- Divide your screen: model view / schedule

- Click on one or more rows

- You'll see those elements pre-selected on the model view

- Now click on the model view and that pre-selection will become a selection to all purposes.  that's it

The more skilled you are with schedules (filtering/sorting/grouping), the more powerful this tool will be






@jordicunillperea I know how to do that.


The chief problem I have with the current selection tool, is that you cannot select multiple items and then choose select all, you have to select one item only.

This massively limits the usefulness, for example if I want to select 30 different textstyles or linetypes through the project and make them all one type, I would have to go through the steps 30 times, (if that wasn't enough, groups or permissions always manage to mess up the process). BTW: Schedules don't work with text or line styles. 


The ability to select many types would be incredibly useful, so not just select by type but select by category as well.

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