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Improve Matchlines

Improve Matchlines

I don’t know if anyone have ever found a way to make Revit’s matchlines works like those in Civil3D ?


For what I know, since 2004 nothing has changed regarding the use of matchlines in Revit.

  1. Create dependent views
  2. Draw a matchline where crop boxes overlaps
  3. Add View reference “tags” manually on both sides of the lines and choose the right ref in the list.
  4. Matchline will appear in all views, tags will only appear in views they do not reference


Seems quite simple but…

  1. I cannot snap and/or align onto the matchline when I place the “tag” (better for long sheet nr).
  2. I cannot snap and/or align onto the matchline when moving, rotating,… and the position/rotate origin is not on the origin defined by Refplanes in the family.
  3. I cannot load or transform the tag family into a linebased family to mimic/align the matchline onto a Refplane
  4. I cannot hatch the area beyond the matchlines to greyout “non-valid” data/area.
  5. Matchlines being only available while using dependent views so it's a problem for infrastructure drawings as we are then forced to have the same View Range for all the views…. Should be better to have both “as original” & "custom" choice like with Parts & their "Original" Elements.
  6. Matchlines drawn in plan do not display in elevations, and vice versa.


Off course we’ve tried to place those with Dynamo too but it seems that matchlines & viewreference tags are not available trough the API


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