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Improve current scale visibility

Improve current scale visibility

In the View Control bar at the bottom of the drawing area, it would be helpful to highlight or asterisk or bold what the current scale is when you expand the list of scales.  This would help identify quicker what your current scale is when you expand the list.  This would act similar to the annotation scale dropdown in AutoCAD at the bottom right of the screen.  See images below.  

large.jpg     acad.png


This idea is being resubmitted since the previous version was archived due to insufficient votes and support.  It seems like it should be a fairly simple adjustment to the interface, but what do I know about coding. 🙂

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I'll support this idea.  It's ideas like these that would make Revit a much more user-friendly experience.  Easy to implement for Autodesk, and easier transparency on the user-end.  Win-win.


Please highlight the current scale in the "Assign a View Scale" drop down.


When working in metric it's easy to find the current scale, but when working in imperial one need to do some heavy thinking to find the current scale in the list. A simple highlight would save a few precious seconds and make Revit look prettier.


Something like this:


Assign a View Scale.png


Or just bold the text


Hi, @stefanome ,


Here is a similar you mind if I combine yours with this one?

Improve current scale visibility - Autodesk Community


Thank you for your submission!



Hi @kimberly.fuhrman,


Yes, my post is a duplicated of the existing one.


I'm sorry for posting a duplicated. I did some research before submitting mine, I searched for the dialog box title "Assign a View Scale" and similar texts, but I didn't find the one you refer to.


@stefanome  No worries! Like looking for a needle in a haystack! 🙂

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