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Improve Controls for Visibility of Specific Piping & Duct Systems

Improve Controls for Visibility of Specific Piping & Duct Systems

I have seen a post or two touch on this topic, but not to a great level of detail and thus they may not be gaining much traction. My suggestion is to expand Visibility/Graphics Overrides to extend to specific systems (or services) as they relate to piping, duct, and to an extent cable tray and conduit. The following proposed enhancement would all but eliminate the need to manually create filters for every piping system that might be used on a given project. 


First, on the Visibility/Graphics dialog box, a button for System Visibility would need to be added to the bottom:




This "System Visibility" button would then bring up another dialog box where the various systems defined in the model could be turned on/off, or overridden:



The window would ideally have three tabs: one for Piping, one for Duct, and another for Electrical. MEP Fabrication type elements would absolutely need to be included; perhaps the window is split so the upper portion works for regular Revit duct and piping, and the bottom is for MEP fabrication Duct, Piping, and Containment. A critical part of this systems list is for it to include systems in linked models as an existing water line might be called "Cold Water" in a linked model but referred to as "Cold Water Supply" in this model. 


While electrical systems aren't defined for conduits and cable trays the same way they are for duct, The "Service Type" parameter could be utilized to distinguish between bus duct for power and low voltage cable tray. Conduit that is specific to a certain type of low voltage system could be filtered this way as well without the need for a manual filter.


This enhancement would avoid the need to create and manage a series of filters that don't always work properly and have to be added or removed from every view template and adjusted constantly. Thank you for your consideration.



You wrote "adjusted constantly", but isn't it also a constant adjustment between the other families and switching them from one type to another? Why do you have to change this constantly? I thought both things should be done once, but why so often?


Im relatively new to Revit and stumbled over your intresting idea. It's surely good, but sadly I don`t got the point yet. May you be so kind to explain?


This is not so much related to family types as it is because piping systems and duct systems (to a lesser extent) can vary greatly from project to project based on the types of piping involved. As an MEP and Process piping firm, we may have as many as 20 systems for piping at a given time that need to be filtered out based on plan type (so mechanical piping, plumbing - waste, plumbing - services, process piping, and sometimes others). Naming conventions and abbreviations can vary by client if they have defined standards we must adhere to. Sometimes systems may have to be added after a project is already underway, or may even have to change. 


Additionally, we work with many firms in a design-assist capacity, meaning the physical model of the piping resides in a linked model as MEP Fabrication Pipework, and due to corporate standard databases those fabrication parts might be assigned to different naming standards by company. Lastly, we often have to interface with existing conditions models created by others that are linked to our model, so built-in visibility controls would be very useful as opposed to stumbling through creation of all sorts of filters manually, or even having them be insufficient when saved in a Revit template, etc. Hope that makes more sense. 

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