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Image in a tag

Image in a tag

I think it would be useful the possibility to include an image in a tag.


Very often I issue furniture plan drawings where individual furnishings are tagged with type mark.

But to realize how the furniture is, you have to go to the specification sheet.... but doing so you can't get the "big picture".

It would be nice to combine this tag with an image too.


This way we could get an overall view on the furniture in the plan.


Or we could insert a QR code so that anyone could go directly on the make site.


Example: embed an Enscape QR Code image in a special Room Tag that can be changed from room to room.






For FIRE Signage and fire safety layouts image in tag either using "Type Image" parameter or shared parameter is SUPER IMPORTANT in my view. let us face it some layouts 


Layouts that get posted on tenants' lobby or premisses for escape routes and key signs DO NOT HAVE SPACE FOR SCHEDULES. 


In a parametric data-driven world we cannot afford to place an image manually. What happens when a sign is changed??




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