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Identify rooms in a architect model 'version B' from rooms of a architect model 'version A'

Identify rooms in a architect model 'version B' from rooms of a architect model 'version A'



I am working in an MEP design office on the Revit API as a developer and am looking for a way to identify/retrieve rooms of a model (version B) from rooms of the same model (version A).


To be more precise, we are currently creating spaces in our active model from the architect's rooms (linked model).

Then to identify my spaces, I use the ID parameter values that the architect provides in his model.

When a new version of this model is received, in order for my spaces to match the new rooms, I have to delete my spaces and generate them again.


Here is my problem: Between two versions of the model, the architect often changes the identification nomenclature of his rooms. For exemple for a given room, it can be "R_001" (version 1) and "R_01_A" (version 2)

How to deal with these changes of identification.


Under these conditions, I cannot trust the ID parameter, so switching from a version A model to a B version is very difficult, without looking at the differences between the two versions of the model on a case-by-case basis.


Have you ever faced this problem ? What could be my options ?


Attached is a screenshot that shows the problem with a simple use case.


Thank you for your answers 🙂


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