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Rotate labels / align with sectionline

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant post on ‎10-21-2016 12:34 PM
Please add an option (parameter?) to rotate labels in sections (or in genaral) or make them align with the sectionline

It would be very intuitive to be able to right-click in a given section in the Project Browser and 'Insert from File'. This could work easily for the following items:

  • Insert Views from File
  • Load Family
  • Load as Group

See image below. Insert Views from File can also be used for Schedules etc.


When a family with a partial void (such as for a wall niche or recessed equipment) cuts the wall, and that void passes the center line, and another element or the wall itself have wrapping turned on the appearance of the layers breaks and the outermost layer enlarges to the centerline or defined wrapping depth.  This graphical error is apparent in 2d and 3d views that cut the void.


Please correct this error so that partial voids of any depth can be used to cut walls.


Void Error.PNG


Siteworks is a pending question for Revit since long time ago, and Site Designer isn't a consistent solution yet.  Whilst we wait for true site tools to come, it would be worth to enable join topography and floors.  Yes, of course, pads can make this, but their geometry is still very simple, they can only be flat or have a single slope.


If we could change height for points or edges, then the topography tool would even be useful

Abillity to style crop boxes

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant damjanuzelac on ‎12-13-2016 04:04 AM

So far you can only turn crop boxes on and off - why not give them a line style?

Is possible for either:


a) either a vector shadow output in hidden line view, or


b) the shadows to be raster underlayed behind a vector drawing? (my current workaround being a duplicated drawing behind with lines etc overridden)





I want to figure out a problem when I insert a topography points file in a geolocalised file.


In fact when I insert thus points, they are based on the origine point of Revit instead of the Survey point. For the moment the only solution is to substract the Survey point's coordinates to the importing points.


So, it will be better if we have an option to select the origin of the importing point usch as base point or Survey point instead of the origine point of Revit.



Lors de l’insertion d’un plan topographique avec des points géo-référencés, ces derniers prennent pour origine l’origine de Revit. Il serait bien d’avoir une option qui permette de sélectionner l’origine d’insertion des points (point de base de projet ou point topographique). Pour l’instant la solution est de soustraire aux coordonnées des points topographiques à importer les coordonnées du point topographique de Revit.

Show only supporting structure of Concrete wall / slab / floor

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast sonicer on ‎10-24-2016 01:36 AM - last edited on ‎10-24-2016 02:01 PM |

Show only concrete material(supporting structure)  If I have multilayer wall cant show only core of wall.... divide function some times dont work corectly and cant use this function for big project...


If I have concrete 200mm core and both side plaster 15mm really hard modeling if I modeling concrete wall and two wall of plaster separate... :(




All Caps / All Lower Case In Text Type - Tags and Text part 15

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate bosborne on ‎08-18-2016 01:39 PM - last edited on ‎10-24-2016 01:47 PM |

Add all caps / all lower case functionality as type property of text, so we can enforce consistency over an entire project regardless of user input

Indicate opened views in project browser

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor hlammerts on ‎09-14-2016 02:09 AM - last edited on ‎09-14-2016 02:15 AM |

The browser can have very many views. Give user feedback which views are opened if it would Italic in project browser. It would really help putting sheets together. Now i have to go by name, it would if somehow graphics in Revit would help users what views are opened in the list. Or maybe a category 'opened views' that would stand out. Not sure if anybody had this idea before me. Kind regards hans


Filter Schedule By Family & Type

Status: Under Review
by Enthusiast dazza1639 on ‎05-13-2016 12:54 AM

Please add the ability to filter a schedule by Family, Family&Type or by Type this would eneble us to produce flashing shedules similar to the attached image. Each sketch would be a legend and the surounding fields are the properties for that type.




Status: Under Review

Thanks for your submission and votes on this idea!  We are evaluating where this request falls into our roadmap and will provide an update when we have made a decision.


The Factory

It's nice to have the "File Path" parameter for use by Labels in Titleblocks. This currently tells us the user who made the print, as well as the project number and Revit version (because of our file & folder naming conventions). However, I think it would be more useful to have a "Central File Path" parameter (along with a "User Name" parameter so we don't loose that information without having to show both paths). Sometimes the file name is not a complete indication of the location of the central file (especially on more complex projects).

It would be nice to have MEP connectors be available for connection in a linked model. Also, these connectors should be able to be added to a system or circuit. There are many projects where mechanical, electrical and plumbing are split into multiple models in various ways. It would be helpful to have the same system creation functionality across linked models.

Stretch Tail at Section tags

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant payam.rad on ‎04-26-2017 11:05 AM - last edited on ‎04-26-2017 11:07 AM |

Can we get the tails at the section Tags to be stretchable? Please!



Please add a checkbox 'shared' to profile families so they can be nested in other families and adjusted within the project.

there needs to be a better way to split schedules across multiple sheets, the current method of duplicating schedules and using two filters to reduced the scheduled elements is poor. There must be a better way... even if we had to duplicate sheets, at least let us tell the schedule what row number to start from and end with i.e. sheet one - 1 to 30, sheet two - 31 to 60... etc.

Level matrix

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast chris.mckeown on ‎11-03-2016 03:50 PM

It would be great if we can create a level matrix between linked files, like you can with Phases, so we can schedule and group by level when, include elements in links is selected.


Instead we need to fudge our way around this issue.

prevent double click on a central file

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer safi.hage on ‎12-05-2016 01:04 AM - last edited on ‎02-22-2017 12:21 PM |

Suggested by AREP

In order to prevent users to work directly on a central file : 

  • disable double clicking for central file or 
  • when a central is double clicked, display the same dialogbox than the usual one when the file in open through Revit UI (Open file)

Posts on tread

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor LUCAGUERRA8520 on ‎04-19-2017 01:03 AM

Posts on tread: the system offer only the chance to set how many post for tread, but usually there are post placed at 3/4 tread, so it will be useful to be able to set this parameter. Even one post for tread is too much.



Luca Guerra

Temporary View Properties should open V/G

Status: Archived
by Advocate dplumb on ‎05-12-2016 07:42 AM

99% of the time when you click on the Temporary View Propertirs button, the very nect thing you do is type V V to open the Visibilty/Graphics dialog.

Why not just have the TVP button open V/G right away without an extra step?

I can't think of a case where you wouldn't open V/G immediately, and even if there is, a quick Esc would get you right back.

Status: Archived

Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. Unfortunately, this idea did not get the support of the community over the last 6 months and as such we will not be pursuing it at this time. Please feel free to rework (titles and clear descriptions are really important) and resubmit this one down the road.

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