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What I would like is to create endcaps for those families. Maybe in the form of a family? For example, create a Fascia, pick an end, and select a family to attach to that end.

Copy/Monitor Options

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer alexandra.lazar on ‎02-24-2017 06:27 AM

It would be extremely helpful to have the possibility to give the types of Levels/Grids/Colums/Walls/Floors the copy option "Copy original Type" at once. For example you could integrate this option with the "Additional Copy Parameters" (see pic).







When tagging a Part, the original object properties should be available for a tag label. Example: A structural column has a “Column Location Mark”. This property is not visible in the properties of the Part made from that object. Parts do report some original properties, like Material as read-only. All original object properties need to be available.


  • Show all Original object properties as read-only
  • Allow all these properties as well as the Part properties to be used in tags. The user may want the Column Location Mark from the original object, but the volume from the Part


Parts allow hosting of structural reinforcement (see Revit Help ). If Parts are used as appears to be intended for construction detailing, all properties from the original object should be available.

Masses and surface module

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Alexandra.Begin on ‎02-21-2017 05:43 AM

The masses and surface module didn´t calculate in real-time. If I have some changes in the project, i need to calculate again from the beginning to get the correct results. It would be also good if the second roomstamp of the module would be transparent. All elements behind the stamp are hidden.

Idea - to add a collapse all folders button to the Project Browser, or collapse all folders process when closing the project. 


Files with hundreds of views and sheets can become a nightmare if one user expands them all (even with a good set of standards and folder sorting conventions....)


Idea by Anthony Woodsford and Kevin J Fielding.


Dear Sir/Madam,


I’d like to place on record my fondness for the software and the advantage it has brought to the Architecture industry. However, I have some feedback regarding revit families (RFA) which I would like to be passed on to the software development powers that be.


What the hell is going on? When was the Pre-installed Revit library last updated? It seems like we have the same library from 2008!!! For a product that costs thousands of pounds/dollars for a network license for collaboration, it is utterly appalling.


I have been using Revit in an Architect firm for nearly 4 years and have been championing the software during my firm’s transition from AutoCAD and sketchup. It is hard enough trying to convince the nay-sayers of the benefits of Revit when they are so stuck in their ways and backwards thinking, especially when you try and edit the standard families and they end up like this:



Apologies for the language, but seriously, WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON AND WHO BUILT / IS BUILDING THESE PIECES OF S**T?!?!


I know you can get families from some manufacturers but a lot of them aren't built very well and most don't have BIM models available for their products, from my experience.


Please can you invest some of your profits into improving your Revit family library and the quality of the families themselves. A colleague of mine showed me the equivalent in ArchiCAD and what they are doing makes a mockery of the Revit families.


Please sort this out because it is letting the user base down and causing delays to projects – especially when you go to edit/duplicate a family and it freaks out and says “no, sorry, I can’t change this escalator from 4000mm to 2650mm”. This then fuels the backwards thinking AutoCAD guy in resisting to embrace Revit and helping the industry move forward - which it is struggling to do.


By having a more complete, comprehensive and clean family library that comes installed with the software, Architects and other professionals will benefit greatly in delivering the service they aspire to.


Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, and I HOPE, some productive action is taken on this. 

Revit Idea Station: The Success Stories

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator matthew.taylor on ‎02-22-2017 01:51 AM - last edited on ‎02-22-2017 10:22 AM |


Want to be heard by Autodesk? Want to be heard by the Autodesk Revit developers?

That's why I'm here, and that's why you're here too.

Wonder whether your ideas or the ideas you vote for are making an impact on decision making?


Here's an idea.

Autodesk, how about telling us how we're doing?

In the update documents, an asterisk is shown for updates due to bugs reported by the software users.

How about giving us a breakdown of improvements with each minor and major release?



Autodesk Revit 2018 Feature List


Platform Enhancements

Major feature 1 (Roadmap item)

Major feature 2 (general improvement)

Major feature 3 (legacy wish list)

Major feature 4 (Revit Idea Station item. Kudos to @............)

Minor improvement 1 (Revit Idea Station item. Kudos to @............)

Minor improvement 2 (legacy wish list)


Structural Enhancements




Revit API Enhancements

Improvement 1 (Automatic new feature translation)

Improvement 2 (Revit Idea Station item. Kudos to @............)



etc etc


We want to know if we're making an impact!





We need panel schedules for Electrical Equipment when the  part type is set to "Transformer" so that we can document panel and load schedules for equipment that transforms voltage and has multiple secondary breakers such as UPS devices, emergency lighting inverters, and low-voltage lighting transformers.



Nate Timmerman

Lighting Designer

As i know there is no such feature. But it would be useful especially for some large scaled projects which has large gallery voids. Using room seperator is not practical enough since i have to allign them everytime i update railings. (Locking room seperators to railings may be a solution but it may couse some other problems) It would be great if there was a feature in railings edit type menu which will give the option to add room boundry for desired element of railings. I hope autodesk team will consider this for the new versions.


2D 3D

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate daniel.voinkov on ‎02-21-2017 08:58 PM

add the ability to transfer from "3D to 2D" and from "2D to 3D" for tool "COLLOR FILL LEGEND" 

Simple. Current phase filter is a broadsword. Sometimes a scalpel is needed.

From what I understand Revit cannot calculate voltage drop with metric wire sizes, it can only calculate voltage drop with AWG.  It would nice if Revit would calculate voltage drop using metric wire sizes.

We have a few projects that have multiple buildings and some of the buildings panelboards are fed from other buildings panelboards within the project. Each building is set up as it's own Revit project.  It would be nice if we could link in the project that has it's panelboard fed from the current projects panelboard, copy/monitor the panelboard and have the loads from that panelboard follow through to the current project.  Also to maintain the relationship between these panelboards so if the panelboard loads change from the project being fed from the current projects panelboard, the loads would update accordingly.


Currently we create a "dummy" panelboard in the current project and then create "dummy" electrical connectors for each phase of the panelboard.  We then circuit the "dummy" panelboard to the panelboard in the current project that its being fed from.  But if the loads change in the panelboard being fed from the current project, they have to be manually updated in the current project.

Your file is out of date

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate dplumb on ‎02-24-2017 07:21 AM

Oftentimes when you try to edit an element, someone else already owns it and you need to ask them to relinquish it.

OK, fine.  That's how Worksharing works. They Grant me permission, and we can both get back to work.


The problem is this message:


Really, my only option of this point is to Cancel.

The problem is that now I own it (whether I still want to or not)

So now I'm pretty much forced to Reload Latest - which usually doesn't work because I actually need to SWC


How about adding both a Reload Latest and a Synch With Central button on that dialog box?

99.9% of the time, that's what I immediately need to do, so why cancel and THEN SWC?

Just SWC and close that dilaog.



It would be great if you can just uncheck to detach a wall from attached top or base.

Also, when the wall is attached, shouldn't top offset be grayed-out? We can type any value there, but nothing changes if the wall is attached.


What the heck?





Draw at Midpoint

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast craighygh on ‎02-20-2017 07:52 AM

Please provide an option (for walls, lines, etc) to draw at midpoint.

You could start the function, then select the two parallel walls or lines, and a wall or line would be created matching the extent of the original objects, and of the type in the type type properties. This opens the door to then have multiple segments. So you could change the option from 1 line to 6, etc.


Thank you for your consideration.

Automatic wall joins! Please!

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate FinearcLtd on ‎02-22-2017 05:20 AM

The fact that multi layered walls do not join properly automatically is no secret to all of us users. I have suggested already that this issue should be solved. Wall that join layers correctly at complex joints really depends on the ability to define the preference of each material/layer. Please offer us this tool so that we rid ourselves from editting each wall join, especially those who never work out, even after trying al the options, which forces us to go back to 2D corrections were it is really not necessary, given the right builtin solutions.

Please! Please! Please! SOT... Save Our Time...



Wall wrap in section!

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate FinearcLtd on ‎02-22-2017 05:14 AM

I have already posted this idea, or rather important requirement. The fact that walls do not wrap automatically in section creates a lot of unnecessary extra work. Please! Please! include this in the next release.

Arced/Curved Insulation

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast arek.keshishian on ‎02-25-2017 11:38 AM

There is no reason this shouldn't be available as a detailing tool, we have the straight one, Please allow for arced and curved insulation as well.

Make Tags Smarter

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor SashKaz on ‎02-15-2017 12:11 PM

Tags need a little help. For example


1. We need to be able to stretch a keynote tag, or a multi-category tag so that we can wrap the text. Having to create multiple Types for small, medium, and large is too much work. Give us the ability to add multiple leaders to these tags


2. We should be able to add Parameters to some tags, like Section Tags, and have them show up when loaded. I have found that some tags will not carry this data forward when loaded into a project.


3. Key Schedule Shared Parameters to happen so that we can add this info to tags. Would greatly help with Occupancy Calculations.


4. I am sure I am missing a lot more here. Feel free to add to this list.



Sash Kazeminejad

Ideate, Inc

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