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When we need to change the reference level of several pipe networks, to my knowledge, you have to change the reference, and then apply the delta of the levels to the offset.  This is cumbersome when you have an entire pipe network.  Maybe a window wants to reference level 12, but it was originally placed at level 1.  You should be able to simple change the reference level without it throwing it up in space 12 stories. 

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Linked Room Data in MEP models

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member dgasper3LTA9 on ‎04-25-2017 07:51 AM

When linking an architectural model to an MEP file, room data should pass to the MEP elements' room fields. I would love to see a room name and number for a light fixture updated automatically from the arch model. This would would be a fully integrated BIM system.

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Please give us some extra control of views during Coordination review. 

Right now I can spin the 3D view sometimes but most of the time not, I can't figure out what controls this (answers welcome!).

I would like control of sections box, temporary isolate, visibility graphics etc. It would make coordination review much easier to use.

Vertical Schedule Orientation

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast devonpowell on ‎04-25-2017 07:31 AM

Be able to toggle from a horizontal oriented schedule (elements in rows, parameters in columns) to a vertical schedule (Parameters in rows, elements in columns). Currently Revit only supports a horizontal schedule.


This would allow more flexibility for what can be fit on a sheet. Vertical schedules especially makes sense for scheduling a few elements that have many parameters you need to schedule. 

This problem exists with system parameters across all categories, but I'll explain with doors as an example:


There are several door system (built-in) parameters that are instance but should be type parameters and we cannot modify them to change them to type parameters:


Frame Type

Frame Material



Currently these parameters are instance parameters so when we create a schedule it's very tedious to fill out the values for each of these parameters for each door instance.  Most of the time we set up different door types for different door finishes, frame types and frame materials.


We have a similar problem with project parameters for doors that should be type instead of instance:





Since the parameters cannot be modified, we create entirely new parameters for these same properties just to make them type instead of instance!  For Head, Jamb and Sill it's not so bad because we can delete the original ones that came built-in after we've made corresponding type based versions.  


The biggest problem comes in with FRAME TYPE, FRAME MATERIAL, FINISH because they cannot be deleted.  So even if we make type based project parameters for "Frame Type 2", "Frame Material 2" and "Finish 2", since we can't delete the original system parameters, it makes for a very messy and confusing Revit file with extra parameters that are essentially the same, just one is type and the other is instance.  Then we have to somehow communicate to everyone which one to use.  


When creating a schedule, there is no indication of which parameters are system parameters vs. project parameters vs. family parameters vs. shared parameters.  You could have seemingly identical parameters (named identically) for each of these four different parameter types and have no way to distinguish the difference between them when you're in the schedule interface adding fields to a schedule.

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If revit working with cloud is possible.? then need to make a multi login, user & QC (Worker & Management Level) can visit and see whats process going there or not. its possible in future?

In Revit 2018 finally Project (or Shared) Parameters can be assigned to Model Groups, which is great. 

It would be even nicer if the elements in a Group would inherit these parameters (and values) from these parameters. Of course if an element is selected, this value should be read-only, because this value is controlled by the Model Group.

Order of linked projects

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant alexandra.lazar on ‎04-25-2017 05:05 AM

We are working with different models which are linked one in each other. The order, in which the models are linked, is crucial for what is displayed and what is hidden.

We would love to have the possibility to change the order of the linked models without deleting any of them, because this would break our projects.












Wall Openings, which are below the Cut plane, aren’t displayed, while those which are above, are displayed.

With the need to produce slit and breakthrough plans, we always must rework the openings in 2D with hatches or detail items so all wall openings are displayed. This has a great error potential, because there are no constraints between the 2D and the model.

So please give us the possibility to have the wall openings displayed, even when they are below the cut plane.








Rotate Perview for SectionBOX

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor gh_ar on ‎04-25-2017 04:49 AM


Hello and Thank you


Actice Rotate Perview for SectionBOX.


Rotate Perview for SectionBOX

UK Rebar Shape Codes

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer breakingbad on ‎04-25-2017 03:18 AM

If Revit wants to be taken seriously as a rebar detailing solution then the UK Rebar shape codes need to checked and corrected so that they function in accordance with the British Standard.


So far I have found that 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32, 34, 35 and 46 are all wrong. The UK does not have standard hooks, we need to be able to specify the leg length(s).


Also a number of shape codes report values for dimensions that should not be in the schedule but appear to be required to manipulate the bar.


It would appear that the old content generator was able to create correct UK shape codes, so why aren't the ones included in 2017 and 2018 correct?

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we are working on a large-scale project contains a large podium and two typical 50-stories towers.

the towers are flipped of each other. so, we are thinking of the process to save time as much as possible in generating the annotation views.

mirroring the whole project is a big headache, as we have experienced many issues previously and we had to recheck the annotations, tags, spot levels , joints.. etc.

linking the model and mirroring it is defiantly better than mirroring the project itself, but the main two concerns in this solution are:

1-the dimension in the model that are hosted on a nested link will not appear "by linked view". that's a limitation of the Revit's linked view option-  

2-user errors probability is high; as they have to set the correct linked view one by one !!

mirroring scope boxes could help but it didn't apply on the views !

Disappearing a curved line of a sweep family

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant yukicchi626 on ‎04-24-2017 11:15 PM - last edited on ‎04-24-2017 11:19 PM |

I noticed a sweep family such as a handrail with a curved corner had a disappointing result when I printed out.

In elevation view, the curved corner is still visible yet the line weight is a bit weak. 

However, it will disappear when I print out it. Revit shows accurate view as the handrail is getting away as it curves.

But I hope it won't trouble me on the print.


As temporary solutions for this issue,I added detail line for section view and a model short cylindrical column to make the line visible.






1.elevation.PNG2.Print Preview.PNG3.3D editor.PNG

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Electrical Connections in a Family

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer jondan on ‎04-24-2017 12:32 PM - last edited on ‎04-24-2017 12:34 PM |

Per my needs listed below, allowing multi-selecting on the "Select Connector" pop-up would be all that would be necessary to fix my marina design woes in this area.


Briefly, to get marina electrical plans, circuiting, demanding, and loading to display properly for the client and per code's allowances, I need to:

  • Have a Demand Factor to calculate by quantity - electrical connections must be powered on panel
  • Have every receptacle be demanded by quantity - (1) electrical connection per receptacle
  • Have a single shore power pedestal have multiple receptacles included - (1) family with multiple electrical connections
  • Have a single pedestal be powered by a single circuit - entire family (multiple electrical connections) powered by (1) circuit

As it currently stands, if I want to have more than one electrical connection in a family, I must assign one as the Primary connection, and one as the Secondary connection. I have need for a single family with multiple electrical connections (up to four), that can powered by the same circuit. This could be achieved easily simply by allowing multi-selecting on the "Select Connector" pop-up.


This is especially important when designing an electrical system for marinas. Marina shore power pedestals, as a single manufacturer-built assembly, can include multiple receptacles of various amperes and voltages. As a designer, for both consistency and efficiency's sake, I would desire to place the once assembly on the plan, with type/instance parameters dictating the actual orientation of receptacles. When considering the wiring of this pedestal, we design to have one feed hit this pedestal, so that all receptacles built within it are powered by one circuit.


Some might suggest to have one electrical connection to include any desired receptacle loads on it, but this is further complicated by the allowances of the NEC involving marina power design. 555.12 allows for demanding of the total power of the marina shore power based on quantity of shore power receptacles on a given piece of equipment. To have a panel schedule "smartly" include this Demand Factor, I must make use of the "By quantity" calculation method, which counts the powered electrical connections on the panel.

User Management Functionality

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer donkelman3756 on ‎04-24-2017 08:31 AM

We need a way to ring-fence certain Revit tools and functionality so that new/inexperienced users can work within a large team without breaking things or disrupting project standards and team working.

Larger projects (20-30 concurrent Revit users) attract a major management and housekeeping overhead. We maintain a team of BIM coordinators embedded within the design team who, in addition to their design work, must spend a considerable amount of time on model maintenance tasks and firefighting.

Coming from a Microstation CAD environment, we were used to the luxury of 'Capability Control' where we could choose on a granular level what tools and configurations were available to different levels of users. For example, our coordinators could add new Layers, Text and Dim styles, Linestyles etc, but our average users couldn't. This was recognised as a major help in proactively dealing with team working issues, rather than having to spend many hours trying to fix the mess that can be generated where these controls are not available.

The ROI for us of something as simple as a control on who in the team can or cannot create new Levels could be immense.

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Now there is no option available in Revit to control imported DWG element material that we assigned through object styles. for instance we have a requirement that we need to assign different material for multiple family type in Revit Family.

Copy/monitor scope boxes

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant omar.ashraf on ‎04-24-2017 01:07 AM

Wouldn't it be awesome if we can copy/monitor scope boxes from a linked model, or even use the scope boxes available in the linked models? This would save a lot of time of manually copying scope boxes and manually monitoring their changes.

Although a new version of Revit comes out every spring, not all project can be upgraded at the same time. This leads to issues and we have found people accidentally opening files in the wrong version and saving over the original - thankfully it doesn't happen often and the damage has been undone but it's still an issue.


It would be good if Revit automatically appended the Version number to the end of the file once it's opened.  For instance Myfile.RVT opened in 2018 would become Myfile_2018.rvt.  this is not dissimilar to other packages such as Vectorworks.


If the file is being intentionally upgraded then this would still provide a double check before saving.

When you have a linked model in your main model, the schedules reads the levels for doors and windows from the linked model instead of the host model, for example if you have a typical floor plan linked to your main model, the door and window schedules read all doors to be on only one level, which is the level from the linked model. We need to have them read from the host models levels.

Create Phases in API

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant tom.james on ‎04-24-2017 12:16 AM



Please can you expose the API methods for creating phases and phase filters.


Regards, Tom.

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