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Stretch Tail at Section tags

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant payam.rad on ‎04-26-2017 11:05 AM - last edited on ‎04-26-2017 11:07 AM |

Can we get the tails at the section Tags to be stretchable? Please!



Sub-View Template

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mvoss on ‎04-26-2017 11:05 AM

allow us to assign 2 view templates.  I could assign a view template to control the background visibility across all disciplines.  Then each discipline could assign a "Sub-view Template" to their sheets (IE Lighting, Power, HVAC)  Any categories that happen to be checked in both templates would default to the "Primary View Template" to avoid any conflicts.

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Stretch Tail at Section tags

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant payam.rad on ‎04-26-2017 11:05 AM

Can we get the tails at the section Tags to be stretchable? Please!



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Room separation lines have two major issues that are exposed int the Revit Warnings dialog:


  1. Room separation lines do not have a "Disallow Join". Walls have a "Disallow Join" property that allows the user to specify exactly where they terminate. Room separation lines do not have this property and need it. Room separation lines connect to the center line of walls. When a room separation line and a wall corner join they overlap, and generate a "A wall and a room separation line overlap." error.  It's both time consuming and very finicky to remove the error, since the room separation line must be pulled back far enough to keep the line from auto-joining, but not so far to stop bounding the room.  This can also create be a graphical issues if the line needs to be seen as continuous from corner to corner.
  2. Room separation lines do not know if the wall they overlap with are room bounding. There are some wall configurations that don't room bound properly, like a wall with a sloped top or other edited profiles.  A room separation line is needed for the rooms adjacent to such a wall.  Unfortunatly, even if that wall that doesn't bound the rooms has "Room Bounding" unchecked it still generates the error "A wall and a room separation line overlap."  There is no way to both eliminate the error and have the rooms bound because there is no way to shorten the room bounding line.  If the wall the line overlaps with is not room bounding, no error should be generated.

Tag / Label Enhancements

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant mcnamac on ‎04-26-2017 10:09 AM

It would be nice if labels had a property to control the character case (upper / lower / each word / sentence / etc), similar to ACA.  There are times where I'd like to tag a room in one view with each word capitalized, but in other views, use a different tag that would have all caps.


It would also be nice if a tag family can be created where the label width can be adjusted in the project so longer labels can be shrunk down on a case by case basis, forcing the word wrap to kick in.  (make the centers and extents of text / labels able to align to RP's in a family so they can be controled w/ parameters.  you'd have to be able to add RP's to annotation objects too.)

Keynote Detail Lines

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor adamnicholes on ‎04-26-2017 07:57 AM

Detail Lines in Revit have unique Element IDs and parameters just like every other object in the Revit environment.


Sometimes in model views, as well as Drafting Views, It'd be helpful to have the ability to call out these Detail Lines with Revit Keynotes.



Enable Keynoting of Detail Lines and make Keynote by User the default option. This will allow the user to Keynote their views without having to "Fake it" by keynoting another element (that may end up getting deleted or changed).

I want to right click a button and copy it's value to another button. This could apply for: colors, line/pattern overrides in VG overrides dialog, etc. I hate having to write down the rgb colors on a piece of paper and then manually copy it to 20 view filters.

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ISO DIN 128-50

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer giessmann on ‎04-26-2017 05:29 AM

It would be important to have a material catalog or a template for the german-speaking area with hatchings according to DIN ISO 128-50.

Crop drafting view

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matthew on ‎04-26-2017 03:57 AM

I'd like to be able to crop a drafting view, simples.

Colour schemes

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer a.hays on ‎04-26-2017 01:48 AM

Be nice to enable a colour scheme to show through stairs without having to turn stairs to transparent within the model category overrrides.


Would also be very good to use colour schemes within ceiling plans.

Walls in the host model do not join with walls from linked models, so they appear as the following pictureJoining walls to linked model.PNG,

It is odd, and unprofessional to submit a drawing like this one, this should be easily done to avoid such situations.

The size of the masking region around text is needlessly big above and below the text. It makes it really hard to tag ducts especially because it covers the smaller ducts entirely.

Reading Family files

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant acrawshaw on ‎04-25-2017 03:47 PM


I want a search box in all the file open + load family, load image boxes. It should work just like windows file explorer's search

File open dialog box.jpg


When we need to change the reference level of several pipe networks, to my knowledge, you have to change the reference, and then apply the delta of the levels to the offset.  This is cumbersome when you have an entire pipe network.  Maybe a window wants to reference level 12, but it was originally placed at level 1.  You should be able to simple change the reference level without it throwing it up in space 12 stories. 

Linked Room Data in MEP models

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member dgasper3LTA9 on ‎04-25-2017 07:51 AM

When linking an architectural model to an MEP file, room data should pass to the MEP elements' room fields. I would love to see a room name and number for a light fixture updated automatically from the arch model. This would would be a fully integrated BIM system.

Please give us some extra control of views during Coordination review. 

Right now I can spin the 3D view sometimes but most of the time not, I can't figure out what controls this (answers welcome!).

I would like control of sections box, temporary isolate, visibility graphics etc. It would make coordination review much easier to use.

Vertical Schedule Orientation

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast devonpowell on ‎04-25-2017 07:31 AM

Be able to toggle from a horizontal oriented schedule (elements in rows, parameters in columns) to a vertical schedule (Parameters in rows, elements in columns). Currently Revit only supports a horizontal schedule.


This would allow more flexibility for what can be fit on a sheet. Vertical schedules especially makes sense for scheduling a few elements that have many parameters you need to schedule. 

This problem exists with system parameters across all categories, but I'll explain with doors as an example:


There are several door system (built-in) parameters that are instance but should be type parameters and we cannot modify them to change them to type parameters:


Frame Type

Frame Material



Currently these parameters are instance parameters so when we create a schedule it's very tedious to fill out the values for each of these parameters for each door instance.  Most of the time we set up different door types for different door finishes, frame types and frame materials.


We have a similar problem with project parameters for doors that should be type instead of instance:





Since the parameters cannot be modified, we create entirely new parameters for these same properties just to make them type instead of instance!  For Head, Jamb and Sill it's not so bad because we can delete the original ones that came built-in after we've made corresponding type based versions.  


The biggest problem comes in with FRAME TYPE, FRAME MATERIAL, FINISH because they cannot be deleted.  So even if we make type based project parameters for "Frame Type 2", "Frame Material 2" and "Finish 2", since we can't delete the original system parameters, it makes for a very messy and confusing Revit file with extra parameters that are essentially the same, just one is type and the other is instance.  Then we have to somehow communicate to everyone which one to use.  


When creating a schedule, there is no indication of which parameters are system parameters vs. project parameters vs. family parameters vs. shared parameters.  You could have seemingly identical parameters (named identically) for each of these four different parameter types and have no way to distinguish the difference between them when you're in the schedule interface adding fields to a schedule.

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If revit working with cloud is possible.? then need to make a multi login, user & QC (Worker & Management Level) can visit and see whats process going there or not. its possible in future?

In Revit 2018 finally Project (or Shared) Parameters can be assigned to Model Groups, which is great. 

It would be even nicer if the elements in a Group would inherit these parameters (and values) from these parameters. Of course if an element is selected, this value should be read-only, because this value is controlled by the Model Group.

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