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Hi AutoDesk,


Split with Gap command is not working for MEP elements, like Duct, Pipe Cable Tray etc.

It would be better if this command is enabled for the MEP elements. During MEP coordination, we really need this command to split the MEP elements to offset or divert a portion of a MEP elements.

Hope Autodesk team will look into this request.



Radish G


Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor alyrashid on ‎03-29-2017 02:34 PM

Hello , 

can we add an autosave of the photo after render ?

after rendering fo  hours and you need to sleep and you are worrying that something happens to your work or you want to do an auto shutdown and leave the work at home and comeback and everything is ready cause it is already saved .... ???


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Status: Gathering Support
by Participant rohoyle on ‎03-29-2017 02:14 PM
  1. PLEASE please please if not get rid of the incredibly annoying and stupid options to have Left Attachment as TOP MIDDLE or Bottom similarly the Right attachment.  I ONLY EVER use middle and it is immensely time consuming to have to swap that out on every copy move for a text note.  Why not have a user setup (for those weirdo's who like the choices) but wouldn't it be a huuuuuuuuuuge time saver if they always were set to one of the options ?  
  2. When copying or mirroring a box that has fill WHY ISN't there an option to keep the overidden graphics?  I get this constantly (and 4 those who think they are smarty pants and i am doing it wrong. . . well sometimes in a deadline one must simply insert a fill!!!! You cannot set transparency to those materials properly you have to go to override. 
  3. MAKE all windows expandable so we don't have to endlessly move our mouses to scroll down! Simple thing really big windows folks. . . 
  4. Why not be able to add parent/child arrangements in the components window to organize ?  
  5. When making shortcuts it is purely machiavellian to have override snap as a key shortcut set to so  (snap override) this is finger abuse.  Make shortcuts with letters one hand can reach . . . simple courtesy.  

Sheet count

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎03-29-2017 10:15 AM

I would like for Revit to have  the option within titleblocks to track what sheet number it is within the set.  For example, Sheet 5 of 900.


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Offset Pattern Creator

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member peached64 on ‎03-29-2017 08:05 AM

Revit needs to have a feature within New Patterns to create an offset pattern! When you create a New Pattern, there are currently only two options: Parallel Lines and Crosshatch. There should be a third option for Offset for tile patterns. Currently I am using a third party hatch maker (RevitHatchBuilder) that can only create New Patterns in Filled Regions instead of directly adding the pattern to a new Floor which makes the Revit file larger over time (if you make enough of them). Alternatively, I know there is a way to do it in AutoCAD that involves many steps, however, I do not know CAD very well and wish it was simply part of Revit.

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Revit Exporter to Json

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer novesvalentin on ‎03-29-2017 07:15 AM

Taking into account the increasing use of the Json format for the visualization of 3D models in the cloud, it would be great to have an exporter included in Revit.

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If a Shared Parameter's DATATYPE is LENGTH, I cannot set the parameter to "Values can vary by group instance". We use this to fill in elevation related parameters in Group, of course these values can differ between Model Groups. It feels contradictory that a Shared Parameter which is TEXT is allowed to be set to "Values can vary by group instance".




Please also take into consideration other limitations of Groups:

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Revit add on

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor hassanbaghertash on ‎03-29-2017 03:15 AM

Is it possible to add steni system solution (add on) on revit 2017 student version?



I would really like to see a better way to sort parameters in Family Types, Shedules, Wall Type edit layer, or where ever the move up and move down buttons appears for sorting things. This generates a lot of clicks and feels outdated.


Family editor's Family Types dialog;

If you would like to move a family parameter from one category to another, you have to first select the parameter, click edit button, then change category from dropdown, click OK, select it again then move with UP/DOWN button from the alphbetic posistion it gets in the new category.   


Should be simple drag and drop across category to new posistion directly in Family Types Dialog.

Triangle/Polygon Counter

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer sarsenault2CCSS on ‎03-28-2017 03:43 PM

Adding the ability to count element triangle count in schedules and in the family editor would help users create leaner Revit models. Currently, I have to export my models to 3ds Max to get an idea of problematic families with too many triangles, but I could do this in the Family editor or in a schedule in Revit.


If I know which families have too many triangle, I can change them so that my whole model performs better. I am asking for something similar to 3ds Max's "Polygon Counter" utility.


Triangle counts are important for screen refresh rate, especially on slow computers. They are also very important for VR applications.


Right now if we tell people to limit the amount of polygons, they have to be experts and export their models to 3ds Max.

View Reference in Text  or Keynote

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor SethO on ‎03-28-2017 02:19 PM

You should be able to add a view reference in line with the text.  In other words, the text could say, "CONCRETE FILLED STEEL BOLLARD, REFER TO DETAIL 2/A1.11" and the reference would be linked to the actual detail.  There are some third party tools that do it, but it should be native to the application.

Keynote Should Function Like Text

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor SethO on ‎03-28-2017 02:16 PM

Keynotes should act like a block of text.  You should be able to change the width and change the location from whence the leader originates.  For User Keynotes, you should be able to have multiple leaders.  


As a bonus, editing the notes just like a text block would be cool / easy.

We need a program or Tool to merge Line Style and Fill Pattern. 
so that it will Help users and coordinators to Clean up the Project easily






In the French version of Revit, many terms used in Revit, seem to come from an automatic translation. So some of them do not mean anything or are inapropriate. Example :

For Ducts:
English Revit : Velocity pressure
French Revit : Pression de vitesse (No sense)
French : Pression dynamique

For Ducts or Pipes
English Revit: Section
French Revit : Coupe (No sense)
French : Tronçon

For Ducts or Pipes or Cable Tray
English Revit: Top Elevation / Bottom Elevation
French Revit : Elevation du Haut / Elevation du Bas (Not usual)
French : Arase supérieure / Arase inférieure

For Pipes
English Revit: Inverted Elevation
French Revit : Inverser l'élévation (No sense)
French : Elevation Inverse (Arase inférieure ?)

For Ducts or Pipes
English Revit: Endcap
French Revit : Couronne (No sense)
French : Extrémité (There is no judicious translation, but "couronne" is not at all appropriate)

HVAC Units:
English Revit: Cross Section
French Revit : Coupe (Still?)
French : Section or Section de passage



Now when you import or link the dwg file to your model, in the insert view if you check the "current view only" box, then you have the option to set your DWG drawing foreground or background the model. But if you do not check the box then this option will not be available. 

I would like to have this available for both ways.



Including Layers for Ramp

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant negin on ‎03-28-2017 12:45 AM

I really think that we need to have the opportunity to add layers to the ramps. there should be a finish layer that be separated from the structure and get different material. For now on to access this we should draw the ramp with floor instead and work with modify sub elements to reach the layers and slop.

Wall Finish Familiy

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate RudyBeuc on ‎03-27-2017 08:29 PM - last edited on ‎03-27-2017 08:32 PM |

I'd like a (optional) separate family for wall finishes. 


This way one would not have to have multiple wall families for a single partition type. If a certain partition separates a bathroom from an office, 1 wall family and then two different wall finish families. The bathroom side has a sweep for the base cove tile and a layer for the wall tile. The office side has a different sweep for it's base, a 0 thickness layer for the paint, and perhaps a sweep for crown molding. If someone in the interiors department needs to change something, they don't have to fuss with the wall family, just the finish family.


If one wants fancy wood paneling, a complex finish family could be used. I imagine that such a family might resemble the current curtain wall family.


Currently I'm achieving something similar by using a separate wall family for finishes and furring. Say I have a foundation wall. It's an 8" conc. wall family. Then say only part of the wall needs to be finished for a certain room. I'll have one concrete wall for the foundation, then run a new furring wall family running only down the length of the wall that I need. Joining the geometry of the two walls allows windows and doors in one to punch holes in the wall they are not directly hosted in. The system works fine except for two things. 1 window and door frames do not extend to the appropriate surface; and 2, wall end joins can be a bear.



Rudy Beuc

As with Revit Links, when you add a CAD link to a Workset and close that Workset, the CAD link should be unloaded. Currently, the CAD link remains loaded despite workset settings.


cad link loaded workset closed.png

Subcategories are great for fine-tuning object graphics. Through the Object Styles window we can set the SubCategory graphic settings to be different from the Category's. However, options to override Subcategory Graphics per View (Template) are limited to Lines settings. Surface Patterns and Transparency are excluded


We understand some Categories have reduced options for Visibility/Graphics (non-cuttable Categories obviously don't offer Cut style overrides), but please open up the SubCategory settings to the extent of the main Category settings.


Example: why can I override the Surface Pattern for the Door Category as a whole, but not for just the 'Door Panel' Subcategory?


When our designers complain about Revit's clunky modeling engine, I point to its documentation powers. But for that argument to hold, limitations like this one need to be lifted. Thanks much!

Project Browser Please Please Please

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer slmz on ‎03-27-2017 05:00 AM

IN "revit" the Project Browser Please Please Please give us a option to highlight in any color the text so its easier to find drawings like floors plans you duplicated or 3d models , sometimes i only use 2-3 views all duplicated a section a 3d and a plan , id highlight them so they are easy to find .





Steve Mercer

Revit Tech

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