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Make Tags Smarter

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor SashKaz on ‎02-15-2017 12:11 PM

Tags need a little help. For example


1. We need to be able to stretch a keynote tag, or a multi-category tag so that we can wrap the text. Having to create multiple Types for small, medium, and large is too much work. Give us the ability to add multiple leaders to these tags


2. We should be able to add Parameters to some tags, like Section Tags, and have them show up when loaded. I have found that some tags will not carry this data forward when loaded into a project.


3. Key Schedule Shared Parameters to happen so that we can add this info to tags. Would greatly help with Occupancy Calculations.


4. I am sure I am missing a lot more here. Feel free to add to this list.



Sash Kazeminejad

Ideate, Inc

View Title Functionality

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer 302094 on ‎02-16-2017 06:08 AM

I want to be able to control my view titles better.


Currently text wraps around the length of the text box in the family, but I want to be able to control:


- how many lines of text I have

- what text appears on which line (much like an old AutoCAD MTEXT entity).


Sure, I've created duplicate families when I want my view title to be stretched longer (over one line), but the additional functionality I've described above has always been MIA in Revit for me.



Sheets - Cross Reference

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant rana.hamed on ‎02-15-2017 10:53 PM

We really need at big projects that are divided into more than a file to be able to cross reference sheets through linked files.


This will save a lot of manual efforts and inputs.

On behalf of a German user a wish about enhancing the "Miter" join between beams. 


Currently the Miter join for beams is not available in case the cross-section of the beam is rotated:




Wish allowing the miter joins for beams without restrictions regarding the cross-section rotation settings.


ps- As workaround it is possible to create the miter joins thorugh cutting the geometry of the beams along reference planse that were created exactly on the position of the miters.




More Advanced Filters

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor brunelli.b on ‎02-17-2017 05:36 AM

I'd like to see more advanced functions of filters in a view. It would be good to be able to set a filter to override the colors of components that are above or below the cut plane in a plan view. Also, it would be good to apply a color filter to underlay views. Also, it would be good to be able to delete filters in bulk from the list of filters in a project. Right now they need to  be deleted one at a time and this is very time consuming.

Can we have wall wraps at End 1 & End 2 as Instance Parameters?


Can we have more flexibility for unlocking wall layers and extending them? It would be nice to be able to unlock any layer we want and extend them.


Sash Kazeminejad

Ideate, Inc.

Paste as Group

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matthew on ‎02-16-2017 06:12 AM

I'd like the ability to copy, cut a selection of objects and to paste them as a group (right click, paste as group), similar to pasting as a block in CAD

I often find that I'd like to be able to change the distance between lines of text, in particular where there is a lot of information/text we need to add on a plan.  The standard line space is sometimes too great to allow us to fit a note say within a room.  If there was an option to lessen the gap between lines I would be impressed.

As I've come across client requirements that Revit does not allow to model properly, I would like at least feed through lugs to be added to Revit as follows (please disregard references to images as they did not copy in, the PDF attached shows these):


Minimum Needed

I would need the ability in revit to treat three panel families as one three section panelboard, more specifically:

  • Add a parameter or row in the panel schedule for feed through lugs (FTL) to be able to circuit one panel section to the next without taking up any part of the regular circuit directory of the panel schedule. The circuit number for this circuit could be ‘FTL’ instead of a number.
  • Keep the panel sections at 3 separate revit families to allow only one asset tag parameter to be filled out to have an asset tag number at each panel section.
  • Have the load balancing feature in Revit be able to recognize when 3 panel families connected via feed through lugs in order to balance all sections at once, not just the section you are in.
    • (FTL could be used for any configuration where it’s not simply to connect a 3 section panel to itself, ie. a 400A panel could have 125A FTL to a completely different panel in a different location)
  • Add a feature to revit to be able to change the circuit numbing starting number for the second and third panel sections.
    • Ideally, if you add a feature for Revit to recognize what three panels are part of the same multi-section panel as recommended for the load balancing, this could be changed automatically based on how many circuits exist in the first panel sections. (ie. for a 3 section panel with 42 circuits each, section A numbers can be 1-42, section B is 43-84, and section C is 85-126)


For designers, I recommend the feed through lugs would appear on its own row just below the panel schedule header, yet above the circuit directory. It could have column headings as ‘Circuit Description’, ‘Rating’ (Same as Trip Below), and ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ for load calculations.

For reference, here is a shop drawing of how feed through lugs is shown by a manufacturer:


Sub-Feed Breaker Ability in Revit for a Designer

I strongly recommend that at the same time FTL is added, sub-feed breakers are added. This is another feature Revit does not have that can really matter for design. The work-arounds we use do not always work well and this is a needed feature.


For designers, a smaller ‘lighting and appliance’ (manufacturer industry terminology) panelboard can often only have 1 or 2 sub feed breakers, though possibly up to 4. There are manufacturer specific rules of how many of what size actually fit in the panelboard. Often one 150A-250A breaker could fit or two 125A breakers.


There could be an ‘add sub-feed breaker’ button in Revit when you select the panel and when you are in the schedule. It could appear in a row below the top of the panel schedule header and above the circuit directory, just like I recommend for feed through lugs. It could be in its own row(s) right below the FTL row and have the same headings as the circuit directory below it. The CKT column (circuit numbers in revit) could simply be SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4 (SF abbreviating sub-feed). They could be either 2 pole or 3 pole, and maybe even 1 pole in a rare case so there would need to be a way to adjust that.


Ideally, Revit could add parameters to warn designers of what may not fit in a panel in the future by working with manufacturers. I would consider that extra and not necessary today.


An example of one or two sub-feed breakers in a single phase panel:


An example manufacturer shop drawing of a sub-feed breaker:

Additional panel construction details mainly for a contractor

Though I don’t think the contractor features in this case are necessary now, I will try to describe what they would care about if they wanted to model a panelboard as it is built. There are some existing renovations where these features would be useful to a designer, but they are few and far between if the above features that I need above are in place.


I also want to note that the features above where the feed through lugs and sub-feed breakers are listed in their own rows above should still be the default even if the below features are added. This is because as a designer you don’t want to mis-lead a contractor by showing a detailed constructability drawing where the FTL is on top when in actuality you are just trying to show that FTL are in the panel either at the top or the bottom. The contractor would still be responsible for coordinating the physical construction per the features below.


For the main circuit breaker, main lugs only, feed through lugs, dual main lugs, and sub-feed circuit breakers it would be ideal if they could be placed below or above the panel circuit directory area.


My thought on how this could be in revit would be buttons that appear when you’re in the panel schedule, something like the following:


Show MCB Top

Show MLO Top

Show FTL Top

Show DML Top

Add SFB Top

Move SFB Across


Show MCB Bottom

Show MLO Bottom

Show FTL Bottom

Show DML Bottom

Add SFB Bottom

Stretch/Shrink SFB


Either top or bottom, not both

Either top or bottom, not both

Either top or bottom, not both

Dual Main Lugs (DML) are FTL installed in conjunction with the MCB or MLO always on the load side (panel bus or circuit directory side) of the MCB

Sub-Feed Breakers (SFB) could be at the top and/or bottom

SFBs can take up both sides of a panelboard in some cases, or one side.


These features would allow a modeler to show the physical configuration of these elements, but dimensions or being shown to scale would not be needed.



Similarly, distribution panel breaker spaces are based on the inches the breakers take up, which don’t necessarily align with the circuit numbers. It is constantly an issue in the field to translate a panel schedule circuit numbering onto the circuit number stickers shown for these distribution paneloboards. Maybe someday Revit could allow modeling a ‘power distribution’ (manufacturer industry terminology) panelboard differently than the ‘lighting and appliance’ panelboards to allow for this to be accurately modeled. Though that may be a task that is very manual or specific to each manufacturer. Ideally, Revit could have an additional schedule type for these two different types of panelboards. Power distribution panels do not have sub-feed breakers. A feature that might resolve this issue is to have the ‘power distribution’ panel schedule type be able to have different row heights for the odd number circuits than the even number circuits. Then it could be shown as the 800A 3P breaker in 1,3,5 actually lines up with 2,4,6,8,10, and 12 with small 20A 1P circuit breakers.


Dual Main Lugs configuration diagram:

When Expanding a warning, it would be great if we can click to highlight and select the actual element ID #, so that we can search for it. Better yet, make the "show in the model" feature available!




Pop out 3D window

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer dan.barnes on ‎02-08-2017 01:32 AM

It would be great if you could have a live 3D view in a separate pop out window so that it can be moved around independently of the Revit window. I find having the 3D view open in a window tile situation very awkward to use.
Currently Revit supports the ability to pop out the properties palette and project browser and this is extremely useful, especially when using Revit on dual monitors.

Shortcut View closing

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer LUCAGUERRA8520 on ‎02-17-2017 07:46 AM

When there are several views open, I'd like to close them using a shortcut. One at a time, not all together of course and not using the mouse. I suppose it won't be too difficult to insert this feature in next release.


In creating views and dragging them onto the sheets.  When we have a big project and whenever we select a view or open a view from the section symbol, the project browser will expand (if it's collapsed) and show that view (in bold) so we can easily identify the view that needs to be dragged onto the sheets.  At present, it does bold the view, but we need also need it to jump to whichever view is currently selected in the main working screen.  Otherwise, we have to scan up and down to see a view that's in bold.  Ideally, if we can highlight it, that would help greatly too.

Stair`s tread numbering

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant rana.hamed on ‎02-15-2017 05:20 AM

Dear All,

Why NOT to let the (Tread Numbering )  working with the stair by sketch too , as it works with stair by component!!

Hi Fellow Reviteers,

I was wondering how many of you out there get frustrated when you are working in a schedule and you don't have the ability to 'tile' the windows in your project.


I use the shortcut to get my tiles 'WT', I think this is the default shortcut, but for some reason it doesn't work from a schedule view. Is it just me?


I find this frustrating, how about you?

It will be a great idea if Revit could model walls that follow toposurfaces. If possible, create a new tools called "fence" (some kind of railing) that follow the toposurface will also be great.

*.RFA Viewer and Organizer

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator filipefrancisco on ‎02-14-2017 02:38 AM

Create na *.RFA stand alone Viewer and Organizer, to organize the revit families, classifications, levels of details, etc...

It will be great if we can have an option to change the detail level of particular elements in a view. It will give us more control to show some of the elements as want to see in the views without changing the detail level of the whole view. It will eliminate some of the part plan/detail view for some of the areas and save us some time.


It will be ideal for piping drawings; in which we can set up the detail level as "Fine" for vertical pipes/risers, so it will show the actual space taken by the pipe in the shaft, and the detail level for all other piping on a plan can be set as "Medium", so all other piping will show up as single line in the view, hence it will eliminate the requirement of showing separate shaft detail on a separate view.


Override Graphics - Detail Level.jpg



I would like to have a parameter for the dimension linetype and dimension extension linetype to be available within the Type Properties window.  For example, create a dimension that has the dimension lines to show as dashed, hidden, or any other linetype....same with extension lines.  Only way to create this now is to select each dimension created and override by element....


Wish list for an ability to import/export filters between revit models.

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