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If we are going for pie-in-the-sky- revit could use a major overhaul (Revit user since 2006)


This is in 5 parts:

  1. Family categories open for editing/purging -base system components remain with GUIDs intact
    • Family-dependent subcategories with their own GUID- Creating "door.frame" makes the "frame" compatible with all "door" family types, scheduled by its own subtype, or as a subtype of door (e.g. door schedule parameter door.frame[all subcategories of door available here to door.frame]
  1. Linetypes editable//accessible by GUID in the linetype editor:
    • Show/ Use [None |<System> | NickName |  Generative]
      1. None= not allowed/shown for use in this project
      2. <System>=use default system name (greyed out for non-system items)
      3. NickName to show user-defined names for sets
      4. Generative = use generative system to generate names and sets (Given formula and data generate line type and name them by a formula)
    • Substitute Linteype (For each non-conforming linetype)
      1. Map unused linetypes to the next adjacent
      2. Map imported mismatched linetypes to those allowed
      3. [conform] to permanently re-map the linetype
      4. [Save] list mappings [GUIDs -> Remapped]
  1. All components are shared and reliant upon #1 to identify family sub-content. Sub-content can be brought into a family along with generic annotations.
  2. Open database allows for any component and host components in families to be referenced using intellisense. E.g. in a door family, the "host<WALL>.structure.core.width" is accessible as a variable, as would be " host<WALL>.structure.core[1].material.identity.type
  3. Database integrated and accessible on a LIVE bases - e.g. Built into SQL
    • where database can be queried,
    • or manipulated by an outside source.
    • Common database lookup could provide 'open source' subfamilies with common GUIDs provided VIA blessed content by Autodesk for use by all (Translated options available for "Nicknames" - GUIDS remain the same for same content- us Machine learning to map across languages and concepts).

VB style formulas with VB functions (Including concatenate, string manipulation and REGEX!)


All menu and components can be modified/remapped - e.g.

  • coarse/med/fine can be remapped and supplemented: LOD100<Coarse>, LOD200<med>, LOD300, LOD400<fine>, LOD500
  • Profiles and other components can tie into this system using the <SYSTEM> names or NickNames (Nick names appears on the list)

And soforth- a complete overhaul.


Create Reference Planes in 3D view

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on ‎03-22-2017 12:49 AM

When dealing with complex geometry, it is crucial to be able to create Reference Planes in 3D view, by either pick a pre-existing planar face, or pick 3 points (similar to AutoCAD's 3-point UCS).  

Dear Autodesk,


Please allow us to add multiple links at one time, this is when links share the same shared coordinates system or insertion point.


We work on large scale projects with sometime 35-70 links, the files are nested with shared coordinates, When creating master plans or nesting the consultants files it would be fantastic if I could link in one go rather than having to link one at a time.


Even if the links needed to be moved to the correct internal location, linking multiple would save us time.


Thanks, and I hope others would love this function too!

Any project with plan angles other than 90 degrees inevitably ends up with modeled elements off axis.....this usually starts with walls being slightly off with an angle like 30.000000001 which is just enough to completely screw up the entire model....other model elements snap to this wall and suddenly elevations are messed up, you can't snap dimensions, etc. etc.  And it propagates through the entire model very quickly.  Sometimes you don't even know until it's too late because dimensions always round to whatever precision they're settings are set to and will tell you the angle is 30 degrees when it's really not EXACTLY 30 degrees.


When this happens I wish for a rotation parameter/property - similar to AutoCAD.  When you select an element, any kind of element - system family, component family, etc., it should have a parameter for rotation displayed on the properties palette.  Then you can see if it is anything other than EXACTLY 30 degrees and if it is something weird like then you can click in that field and CHANGE the rotation to EXACTLY 30 degrees with 100% precision.  This would fix the "slightly off axis" problem.....and the domino effect of problems that follow....

Integrated Detail Components

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant KellyASmith on ‎03-21-2017 02:11 PM

I have been using Revit for almost a decade and I have to say one of the most obvious things that could be a real time-saver would be 2 options in the materials dialog for cut patterns. 1 for a horizontal or "plan" cut and one for a vertical or "section" cut. Obviously detail components will always be needed for detailing, but wouldn't it be awesome if the fill patterns on the section cuts actually represented the materials for things like brick or block. Even if it wasn't a pattern but a way to associate specific detail components with that particular material. 

This can already be done in regular families, as well as some system families floors and roofs with deck profiles. From a programming standpoint Im sure it would be difficult but I'm sure it could be done. 

Wish generated for Steve Belli at Entegra Eyrich & Appel GmbH - in German support case no.: 12784911 


Currently Revit uses one Hidden line style for all elements in a view if the "Show Hidden Lines" parameter of a view is set to "All".

Please, allow users to define different Hidden Line styles for the different Line styles used in views.

Convert To Drafting View

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate craighygh on ‎03-17-2017 07:43 AM

Can we we please have a button under Manage for Application Button / Export, or Save that would turn a model view (detail / Iso) into a Drafting View?


Thank you for your consideration.


we need to add shared parameters to the view reference family as (building type , level indicator,.... ) mainly they are  parameters driven from the title block.

we need this urgently in all our projects.

Plan Regions Template

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor hathBXZGE on ‎03-15-2017 10:15 AM

It would be a very usefull tool, to be able to add a "Local View Template" to a Plan Region. Very often you need that.

I know its possible to hide things, but when working with large project, where you split up same level over several sheets,  its a pain in.... to use hide, because you constant have to check all your view when adding a thing in your model, and hide things that belong in same level but on an other sheet.



Selection Toggle for Design Options

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator damo3 on ‎03-14-2017 03:32 AM
Remove the 'Exclude Options' tick box and create a selection toggle for Design Options.
design option selection toggle.jpg
Give us the control to be able to select design option elements all the time. The "Exclude options" tick box is functionally flawed as it resets when you hit escape. It is not an intuitive tool. 
Replace it with a toggle for Design Options for consistent behaviour of element selection. 
A few releases ago, Autodesk gave us a series of selection toggles for Links, Underlays, Pinned Elements, Select Elements by Face and Dragging Elements. The ground work has already been created, let's add to this set of toggles for more consistent and predictable behaviour. 
(The 'Pick to Edit' tool could still override as it currently does)


Thanks for Voting. 

When tagging a Part, the original object properties should be available for a tag label. Example: A structural column has a “Column Location Mark”. This property is not visible in the properties of the Part made from that object. Parts do report some original properties, like Material as read-only. All original object properties need to be available.


  • Show all Original object properties as read-only
  • Allow all these properties as well as the Part properties to be used in tags. The user may want the Column Location Mark from the original object, but the volume from the Part


Parts allow hosting of structural reinforcement (see Revit Help ). If Parts are used as appears to be intended for construction detailing, all properties from the original object should be available.

Align + Copy

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant iftah on ‎03-08-2017 11:57 PM

instead of copying an element and then aligning it, would be nice to be able to just align it and check a "copy" box.

Now we have Depth Cueing, this is a great tool, but it make your views to print in raster.

I Would like to have some kind of View Range with 3 or 5 zones that behave like View Depth (with and editable line category that orverride all elements in it's range, like <Beyond> line style do. And also, we have the option to adjust the distance and depth of all these zones with a interface similar to View Range.

These zones could be called Depth Plane 1, Depth Plane 2, etc.. for example, maybe there is a lot of better naming options.

Unchained Railing

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant iftah on ‎03-08-2017 11:44 PM

Please allow for drawing unchained railings, not one continuous line... Thanks!

Allow the creation of schedules which can include all object category's including system family's.


currently system family's can't be included in multi category schedules.

This means model data checks on generic parameters need multiple schedules.


Opening this would intheory also allow more powerful relation scheduling.

For example door-wall, fitting wall. All objects relating to a space etcetera.


Make Tags Smarter

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast SashKaz on ‎02-15-2017 12:11 PM

Tags need a little help. For example


1. We need to be able to stretch a keynote tag, or a multi-category tag so that we can wrap the text. Having to create multiple Types for small, medium, and large is too much work. Give us the ability to add multiple leaders to these tags


2. We should be able to add Parameters to some tags, like Section Tags, and have them show up when loaded. I have found that some tags will not carry this data forward when loaded into a project.


3. Key Schedule Shared Parameters to happen so that we can add this info to tags. Would greatly help with Occupancy Calculations.


4. I am sure I am missing a lot more here. Feel free to add to this list.



Sash Kazeminejad

Ideate, Inc

Rethink Hatch / Fill Patterns

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate on ‎08-09-2016 07:14 PM - last edited on ‎11-10-2016 12:57 PM |

Isn't it time to devise something a little more modern for patterns? Hard to believe that the 35 year-old PAT file format is still the "technology" of choice for this. Would love to see a modern pattern creator that could do any kind of pattern. Including: rectilinear, random, and especially radial. It is just silly that we have to use model lines and arrays or material hacks to simple brick arches or radial floor patterns. 


A new pattern technology and editor please... 

Status: Future Consideration

We've completed our review of this idea. After investigating the effort required to implement this request, we unable to add it to our roadmap at this time due to other priorities. However, we think this is a great idea so we will reconsider it as we made adjustments to our roadmap in the future. Thanks for the submission and keep voting!


The Factory

PDF Publish in Background

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast rmarkowitz on ‎03-02-2017 04:23 PM

Hi - I would love to see Revit be able to publish PDFs (and DWGs for that matter) in the background. Currently one must print to a PDF, but that gums up all of Revit for the duration of the print job. 

"OR" in filter rules

Status: Accepted
by Advocate bosborne on ‎05-12-2016 05:20 AM

There is currently no "Or" capability in filter rules, which makes it very difficult/inefficient at times to filter.  For instance: assume I only want to see walls that contain CMU or Concrete in the type name.  I can create a filter for Just the concrete walls easily, and do the same for the CMU.  But one filter with OR could easily accomplish the task.

Status: Accepted

Display Ramp Path Arrow

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate samuelsanf on ‎03-01-2017 11:25 AM

Make the Ramps show the arrow of it paths, like stairs.

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