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Hot Conductors - possibility to change the number for multiple arrow heads

Hot Conductors - possibility to change the number for multiple arrow heads

When circuiting lights for example which have numerous power supplies the arrow used to point to a light will have multiple arrow heads. Users can see in the properties that it is linked to hot conductors which is locked when they try to edit. It would be appreciate if users can turn on and off different lights which have power on but this can be very time consuming.


The following animated GIF shows the described problem:


Hot Conductors.gif




Yes, please! This would also be very useful for rebars marks. We should have one rebar label with multiple arrows. Adding/removing arrows manually is very useful. E.g. A typical long wall with many rebars doesn't need all rebars labeled individually. Having one label with several arrows is all we need. This way the rebar drawings would be a lot "cleaner" and easier to understand.

P.S. This looks exactly like Multileader command in Autocad, which is very familiar to many Autocad users.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

In order to understand more about this request as we think about detailed circuit design, I'd like to understand this request better.  there are various scenarios to consider the logic behind what is being requested here... for example, a fixture with multiple power supplies:

  • could have all supplies on the same circuit 
  • could have all supplies on the same circuit, but different switch legs 
  • each power supply could be on a different circuit
  • all the power supplies could be different circuits, but controlled by the same switch using a relay
  • some combination of the above

If each supply is on different circuit, this could be done in a variety of ways... 

  • could be a single multi-pole circuit
  • could be individual circuits, possibly to separate panels


In the video above, it appears that this fixture has a single 1-pole connector.. but that would be inconsistent w/ the request to have multiple homerun arrows.


More information related to this request would be helpful to understand what a potential solution would be.



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