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Host Keynote .txt file on Autodesk Construction Cloud

Host Keynote .txt file on Autodesk Construction Cloud

As of 2023 the ability to host Shared Parameters as well as Material images in the Construction Cloud has presented teams full collaboration that has been much needed. The Keynote .txt needs to join these outside databases to allow the smooth editing and updating of element data with permissions. Such a critical piece of data needs to be fully embraced by Autodesk. This will provide efficiency with teams as well as provide multiple offices to collaborate on a sole source of truth. Autodesk, please put this at the top of your roadmap ideas ASAP. 




We use custom keynote files.  Maybe I'm missing something but it would be nice if it the keynote text file could be in the cloud folder along side the model, be able to be edited there and, of course, linked to the model from the cloud.  Right now our satellite office forgets to send us back the keynote text file.  It's cumbersome every time one office or the other has to copy the keynote file to their local server and repath to it in order to add a keynote or change the keynote text file.  If the keynote text file can be live in the cloud now and linked to the model please tell me how, otherwise, Autodesk put this on your "to do" list.  Thanks


I think we need keynotes to be made integral to the Revit file.


Make them a new element, a little like key schedules, with the ability to import from a file and transfer between projects. The current method is just too clunky though.

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