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Host Family parameters accessible in 'Shared' Nested Families

Host Family parameters accessible in 'Shared' Nested Families

We often need to create assembly families containing 'shared' nested families, for any of the following reasons:

  • To apply view filters / overrides to the nested families in views.
  • To standardise the nested family across multiple host families.
  • So that the nested families schedule separately.

When in Revit, shared nested families work well - they are recognised both as part of their host family, and can also be treated separately using filters / schedules.

When the Revit model is exported to other formats (eg IFC) or read by other BIM platforms though, the shared nested families are treated as completely separate entities, untethered from their host.

This is an issue for contractors and clients when trying to read data from our models. We would like the host family's Keynote parameter (for example), to be accessible within all shared nested families it contains. This could cause a conflict - e.g. what if you want the nested family to have a different Keynote parameter - so perhaps a way around it is to automatically push the host family's parameters to secondary parameters in the nested family?

At the very least, could all nested families have a parameter that automatically shows the name of the host family they are placed within?


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An alternative solution to this:

Could there be another way to make nested families 'Shared' (eg a tickbox that says "Override Graphics") - so they can be picked up separately by view filters, but still be recognised as part of their host in the project, within schedules, IFC exports, and containing the same parameters?

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