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Horizontal Bracing

Horizontal Bracing

Braces work okay when vertical in a frame, but horizontally there is a disconnect. If braces had the ability to input a beam reference point (top, middle, or bottom) instead of automatically and only referencing the middle of a beam the process would work a little better (which there is already an idea for this by @Anonymous and I suggest we all vote for it as well because it is a great idea) but then in plan you have to deal with the symbolic representation of the brace.


I propose an idea for horizontal braces, which I think are best to be modeled as beams, and when snapped to the endpoint of another beam it gives the ability to input an offset from that endpoint along the length of the reference beam similar to how a brace works. This behavior would be fine for all beams in general where in the event they are snapped to another beams endpoint the option for an offset would be available and when not snapped to a beam endpoint there would be none. The ability to input the attachment to top, middle, or bottom of the reference beam independently at each end would also help with modeling flange bracing or joist bridging. The independent y offset method is time consuming. The justification of the reference beam should also be the default of the attachment of the horizontal brace so if the reference beam is set to the top, the horizontal brace snaps to the top of the reference beam. If I had to choose, the offset is most critical and the other features can come later, but all at once could very likely save the anguish of many structural revit users, thanks for reading!

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I'm using Revit 2024. I don't think after all these years the problem is still there. I really don't understand the reason why Revit programmers only optimize for vertical setup. Haven't they seen horizontal braces before!?
Setting up the horizontal braces is really difficult and it is easy to misalign the axis...

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