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Honor "Family Category and Parameters" Placement Value

Honor "Family Category and Parameters" Placement Value

When a family is Work Plane-Based and is loaded into a project, Revit should honor the Placement setting when placing the family and not always default to "Place on Face."  When a family is Face-Based and is loaded into a project, Revit should default to "Place on Face" and not "Place on Vertical Face." It is a small thing, but also an extra step for placing most of our families.


I agree! At a minimum I would like to see the "Place on Workplane" as the default setting when placing families.

The problem with "Place on Face" is that face-based families do not work well in Groups. They often get left behind when their group is copied to a different level. Users often have no visual cue that they are placing the family as "Face-based" because the highlighted perimeter of the floor slab is often out of their screen bounds.


I second the "Place on Work Plane" setting by default, for unhosted families. Can we modify the GUI to accept the Work Plane for default, without thinking about it?


New in 2023: When you place an element from a workplane-based family, the last used option is saved as the default placement option.

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