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Hiding parts of the model with the Scope box

Hiding parts of the model with the Scope box

A useful feature when working on complex models would be the ability to hide selected parts of the model with the Scope box. Especially during export to IFC. Option to hide the volumes of the selected Scope box in the 3D view.

Hiding the volume of selected Scope Box - example below.

hide valume of scope box .jpg


I miss such an option so much !! I have been waiting impatiently for this option for a long time.

Add such an option should probably not be very difficult for such a talented, well-coordinated team :).



You can do this already by selecting the scope box in any view and clicking View>Selection Box (Hotkey: BX).

I think it's about hiding the space occupied by the Scope box marked in
red. Not isolating the space. Obrigado pelo envio 

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