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Hide scroll bars option

Hide scroll bars option

Problem: Scroll bars are rarely used and take up space on the screen.

Idea: Allow users to disable scrollbars in global settings.


I've posted this elsewhere, but:

I use the scroll bars all the time. Smiley Wink
They are real handy for moving your screen back to where it belongs after you've accidentally clicked on the scroll bar.


@dplumb_BWBR The funny thing was, I thought I'd said the same thing (and that this was a duplicate idea), but I can't seem to find it. I did find your comment here, though. 🙂 I guess I can still get surprised when an "old" idea has still not been posted here yet...



@Nurlan-A. @dplumb_BWBR @lionel.kai 

I think the scroll bars should be gone and  the view control icons should merge onto the bar below.

The scroll bars have been pretty pointless since the mouse pan was introduced, and if you accidently click on one of those bars,  its like WTF, where did my drawings?


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