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Hide if not in the core

Hide if not in the core



I would like to have an option to hide everything that is out of the core of an element (for example for walls). As a structural engineer I do not want to see the finish part of the wall, since there's already a difference between core and other parts (in the type of the element) why it is not possible to use this property and turn off everything that is not a part of the core? Maybe in the view settings.


Thank you in advance.

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@DarioCulap  good idea..Right now if you want to isolate structural part of the walls you make of them parts and then per filter you could isolate just structural part.

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Use a filter.


How would you use a filter to turn off the non-core elements inside a wall type?  Thanks.


Regards Peter.


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I made a mistake, I don`t think it is possible to assign a parameter that can be filtered in the material of a wall.

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I have the same problem as DarioCulap.

Does the above mean that there is not a way to use a filter to exclude anything is non-core elements within walls?

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Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


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