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Handrail/railing extensions

Handrail/railing extensions

Handrail/railing extensions are frustrating. I started with Revit 2016 and I haven't seen any improvements in railings since then. Sometimes you may need a railing style on a particular stair with straight extension on the top and return to post extension at the bottom and then, on another stair, you may need the same railing style but with straight extensions on both the top and the bottom. In order to achieve this, every time you need to do an extension modification you need to duplicate the railing style, select "Top railing" and then duplicate the top railing in order to modify it to a different extension configuration. The process is complicated and not friendly or intuitive.

Railing extensions shouldn't be on a menu inside of another menu.

Suggestion 1: It would be nice if railing extensions were not "by type" but "by instance"

Suggestion 2: It would also be nice if you touched the top or the bottom of a railing an have an extension appear automatically and then, by hitting TAB be able to rotate among different types of extensions until a selection is made.


Another major pain is when using railing termination families. If the railing is flipped, the termination does not flip and thus you need to have both directions modeled in the family. Then duplicate the railing type and have the 2 termination directions assigned to the right type.

Here is a termination family for a pipe rail mounted to a wood framed deck style guard that bends down on an angle and then returns straight to the post. The left and right option are controlled with visibility type parameters.






This is a major whole in Revit and railings are part of almost every project, so should be prioritized.

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