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Gutters with slope

Gutters with slope

As a solution to the problem, it is necessary to refine the tool by analogy with pipes, where you can specify the slope of the groove. As a direction, you must specify the "water discharge point" whith the hole, and Revit will direct the slope to a given point with the indicated angle from the center between the "drop points" or from the angle of connection of several troughs (with the possibility of switching).

It is also necessary to finish the ends of the gutters, indicating the caps in the form of separate profiles extruded to a given depth.


we also need a gable's tool that can work on the principle of two profiles, the angle between which will vary systematically. In this way, you can get an element that will be squeezed out along the verge of the roof, as well as connect at intersections automatically.


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How did you create the noncircular pipe profile?

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