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Groups enhancement

Groups enhancement

Main point:

1) Possibility add or change values of parameters without showing warning...reference will be deleted and other stupid warning.. Why??, After all, I am changing only example comments parameter that does't change the geometry. - FIX FIX BUG
(better if the elements does't effect to elements outside group - example wall in group doen'st connect to wall outside group )

2) Possibility select elements inside group with drag elements on selection

3) Possibility add global parameter to elements with project parameter(Values can vary by group instance)

4) Possibility show exluded elements

5) Sometimes is problem if you have some elements inside group in vary worksets.

6) if you select group the properties panel show Workset parameter ...what is then workset parameter in Edit Type? BUG?
5) Possibility add more type of parameter as (values can vary by group instance) example yes/no
6) increase groups performance


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