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Grid - Remove Elbow and Flip Bubble

Grid - Remove Elbow and Flip Bubble

Hi Everybody,


Revit offers the option to add an elbow to a Grid element with just a click on the 'Add elbow' drag control. However, removing this elbow requires dragging the elbow point until it aligns with the main line of the Grid, as shown on Autodesk's help page Offset a Grid Line from Its Bubble. Additionally, if one wishes to relocate the elbow, for example, by flipping it, it is necessary to drag the elbow point again to the desired position.


As an idea, I propose including two additional controls to the Grid element. These controls would be visible when a Grid is selected and has an elbow assigned to one of its ends. This would allow for easy removal of the desired elbow with the first new drag control, while the second new drag control would facilitate generating a flipped version of the elbow without manually dragging its adjustment point.


I have developed a small DLL (SCADtools.Revit.UI.GridElbowControl) that implements this functionality. I believe this simple enhancement would be valuable for current and/or future versions of Revit.


Additionally, it would be interesting to add two new methods to the DatumPlane class in the API, for example:

DatumPlane.RemoveLeader() - Removes leader to the indicated end of the datum plane.
DatumPlane.FlipBubble() - Flip leader and bubble to the indicated end of the datum plane.


Attached is an image where you can see the two proposed controls and a GIF demonstrating the functionality of my implementation.



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Great one @Speed_CAD 

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