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Grid lines located behind modeled content

Grid lines located behind modeled content

Grid lines consistently show up over content in Revit due to the fact that is is annotation.


There are number of clients in the world that require grid lines to print under the content and not overlay that content.


Any functionality to get the grid lines below content in a view would be very useful. 


I can see the utility of this. In the screenshot, you indicate that you'd like the grid lines to be graphically in front of walls and floors but behind the ductwork. What would be the best way to do this for each view: by category? by object? Would you like to set a global override somehow?


Hi @bill_gilliss ,


I think it would be simple global override for the view that would need to be a selection in the Visual Graphics dialog. Basically would drive the grids (annotation) behind all modeled content.


Thanks for the question!


It would be nice for other annotation as well - such as Detail Lines. For example, we often show control joints as double-dot lines between columns (which are usually on grids). The coincident lines usually wind up looking nearly solid. We wind up having to stop the 2D end of the Grid short of the building, and manually create a "Grid" Detail Line on the other side. See related ideas:

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I agree @lionel.kai .This would be particularly useful for filled regions / insulation detail annotation.


Levels and Grid Lines behind modeled elements would be very useful.  Seems like a foreground/background toggle either global or as a view setting seems doable?

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