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Go back to Manage Panel Schedules after Editing One (from that dialog)

Go back to Manage Panel Schedules after Editing One (from that dialog)

This is a simple UI change really.


Currently when I'm in the Manage Panel Schedules dialog and I select one and hit the Edit pencil at the bottom, I can go in and edit that schedule. When I click the check mark to finish, Revit takes me back to the main project, not back to the Manage dialog. I think it would be more useful to be taken back to the Manage dialog.


If I wanted to just edit a schedule and be returned to the project, I'd just select the option to Edit a panel schedule from the Manage tab initially, instead of choosing to Manage Panel Schedule Templates.


In my mind, if I want to manage the templates, I'll probably be doing edits to more than one panel schedule, so being returned back to the Manage dialog after an edit makes the most sense. Otherwise I am forced to return to the Manage ribbon tab > Panel Schedule Templates > Manage Panel Schedules...


Seems like there isn't a reason to even have the 2 different options under that tool otherwise.

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