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Generic 'Zone' category

Generic 'Zone' category


I use Revit for AV design and documentation, which among other things involves specification of zones (and sub-zones) for public address system coverage. 

Right now I am only able to do this via HVAC zones and Spaces but this is a little bit of a hack and (correct me if I'm wrong) does not allow to display zones on reflected ceiling plans, which is an issue since most of our systems are ceiling-mounted.

I would like to be able to create multiple layers of generic zones, which can be scheduled and customized, according to the following paradigm:

  • A zone is defined as a collection of spaces (just like HVAC zones)
  • A zone can contain other zones
  • Several disciplines/worksets (or even several "layers" within the same discipline/workset) are able to use zone layouts for various purposes - eg another AV zone would be created for visual paging as an independent zone overlay, or a lighting zone, etc. - and these different zones could be shown on different views using Color Scheme.
  • A space can then belong to various zones across multiple layersspace.jpg

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