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gap Grids per View instead of per Type (similar to gaps in Section segments)

gap Grids per View instead of per Type (similar to gaps in Section segments)

When showing joints on foundation plans, they will often coincide with Grid lines. The two different overlapping patterns results in nearly-solid lines, so we show the Grid lines stopping short of the building where the joint occurs. The current gapped Grid Type is NOT a viable solution as the gap appears in EVERY other plan and section as well (which requires manually dragging the ends in every other View until they're nearly touching).


It would be nice if I could make a gap in the Grid in individual views only OR at least make separate type properties for plan views vs. non-plan views (like there are for the symbols). I wouldn't mind if the grid was gapped in all the plans, as our framing often coincides with (and hides) them as well - just as long as they're continuous by default in sections - since when a grid overlaps a hidden line, etc. in section, it's usually acceptable to just show the grid (with symbol) at the top - though per-view would still be the preferred implementation.


While we're at it, multiple gaps would also be good (for the rare, though encountered, situation where a grid passes through two separate parts of a building).


I'll be discussing the workaround for this idea in my proposed AU 2018 class: “Ridiculous Revit Workarounds - things you SHOULDN'T need to know, but DO!” - please search for "ridic" and vote for it (and this idea)!


BTW, Level Line Draw Order is a similar/related idea for Levels, with a different solution to the same problem.


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