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Fully customizable View Title

Fully customizable View Title

Right now our View Titles consist of three different elements that aren't connected at all.


This is what we need to replicate in Revit and while we've had to do some work-arounds, it instills some level of inconsistencies. Where the view titles have minimal labels associated, there's no way to easily pin the north arrow and graphic scale to the right side of the title bar as shown above.
In AutoCAD, we have this as one piece that moves all these elements together with the base point of the block:


Autodesk's solution for the graphic scale is to just use what they provide via text label, but we need the visual aspect as well and it must be pinned to the right end, not the left. 
Ideally, every view on the sheet should be at the same scale (also suggestion by Autodesk), but when we have details sheets that consist of different scales on one sheet, we simply cannot use the titleblock to refer to the scale or north arrow. 
Why are so many annotation elements so locked down in Revit without the option of our company's branding customization, Autodesk?!

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This links to other ideas about making the scale usable in view titles and titleblocks, basically if the scale number (the x in 1:x) was able to be used in formulae we could handle half scale (A1/A3) and graphic scale bars in a BIM way. To get the right aligned to work the view title could work the same as line based details, rather than adding the line later using API proof magic in the UI.

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