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FREEZE annotations and dimensions by sheet

FREEZE annotations and dimensions by sheet

to block all tags and dimensions shown in a sheet even if the host model has been moved or modified. by adding a toggle checkbox property, for each sheet, it would be nice to block all annotations, avoiding them to disapear when the model has been updated.


Many times, when we open our project, with or without other linked projects, some dimensions or tags disappear due to model changes. This issues require us to review all sheets.  This can be seen as a good thing, that ensure all information to be current and up to date, but in some cases, when the project has hundreds or even thousands of views, those massive sheets become outdated.


Maybe it should have some kind of watermark or halftone to prevent not to confuse valid annotations from outdated information. So that, when the freeze mode is on, old annotations change to halftone instead of disappearing.  But keep warning of outdates and be able to be restored if the host object is been restored.

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