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Free height Annotation tag (point based)

Free height Annotation tag (point based)

You have the ceiling height tag, but I don't always use ceilings, certainly in an early design phase. So that's one thing, and secondly, if you have a sloped ceiling it gives you the average.


So it would be great to have a point based 'free height' annotation tool not merely based on ceiling detection but on something which knows there is something above the spot you point out.


Isn't that what the Spot Elevation tool does?


The spot elevation tool will show you that there is e.g. 45 cm free space between your suspended ceiling and the concrete floor above it? Will it show that locally, where there's a beam above your ceiling, that there is  only 15 cm available? I doubt it. I've looked into plenum spaces, but you'd need a seperate Level from the one where your Rooms are on since the computation height for Rooms and Spaces  are the same. An average height is possible if you use rooms instead of spaces, but that's hardly useful for this purpose.

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