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Framing Plan - Walls Above Cut Plane

Framing Plan - Walls Above Cut Plane

Revit plan views only display the <Overhead> line style for three categories when the objects are above the "Primary Range Cut Plane" and below the "Primary Range Top". Those three categories are windows, casework, and generic models. Showing beam- or floor-supported structural walls above a level in the <Overhead> line style would be very useful for structural framing plans. I suggest adding the Walls category to the those categories affected by the view range top. One work-around is to change the view direction to be "Up" (a reflected framing plan) and use the <Beyond> line style. But this method is atypical for structural framing plans, and may have unintended results.


Our framing plans are set at a 0 height above level and show everything below.

Example: a Second Floor Framing Plan would be set to Level 2 and have a view depth down to Level 1 so that it shows all the framing which supports Level 2.


Are you saying you show framing that supports Level 3 on your Second Floor Plan? 

My intent is to show structural walls above a level that need to be supported by framing at that level. So no, I don’t want to show framing from the level above, just walls that transfer load to framing at that level. It’s mainly a coordination and QC issue to ensure that all transfer conditions are covered.

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