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Flattened curved elevations / sections

Flattened curved elevations / sections

When elevated, curved surfaces do not show the full length of the wall.  Moreover, graphics become skewed.  We would like to be able to wrap an elevation tight to the curvature of the wall so that the elevation appears to be a flattened out curve.  You could do this by offsetting a line from the curved wall and picking that line as the elevation path.


Dear all, 


We are expecting the curved section in this image to be attached (reference from youtube)


is there any script or other method? please suggest 



There is an App for Revit called Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler which can be used to create unfolded sections by Revit command.

Have a look here for further information: 



在某些时候设计师希望通过对复杂的形体创建一个展开的立面视图来表达设计意图。例如从A到B 是一个由直线、圆曲线、样条曲线及缓和曲线组成的。这时想通过这条线(建筑物外立面外墙线)创建展开立面现有revit无法实现。


It is recommended that Revit can extend the curve to generate an unfolded facade.
At some point a designer wishes to express design intent by creating an expanded elevation view of a complex form. For example, from A to B is composed of straight lines, circular curves, spline curves and transition curves. At this time, I want to create an expanded facade through this line (the exterior wall line of the building's facade), which cannot be achieved in existing Revit.



@aizaiwutuobang 看到这个想法 (See this idea):


@kimberly.fuhrman please combine with


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