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Fix Subcategories and/or Nested Annotation Visibility

Fix Subcategories and/or Nested Annotation Visibility

First I will describe the example scenario:


You create a family, say mechanical equipment, and you want this particular family only visible in some views so you give it a subcategory of "support". Also, you want a realistic 3D representation but you want to show a symbol on plan view, and you already have that symbol made so you just insert the annotation family as a nested family and connect your parameters. This process is great and I was really impressed with the results, until I tried to hide my family in other plan views that don't need to show supports.


The problem lies here: 


However, I did find that I could go into the nested family and set it to a subcategory of generic annotations and then hide that category. That almost worked, and then this happened: 


In my opinion if the parent family is set to a subcategory then the whole family including annotation should be made invisible if set in the VG settings, but if that is untenable then fixing the issue described in the second link would be a suitable solution.


This has been a really disappointing experience since it's so close to working nicely but in the end just can't do what I want. The current solution I have is a custom add-in I created that hides selected elements in all plan views except the current view. It works but sucks for obvious reasons.


One of the families in question is attached.

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