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Fix section lines/masking

Fix section lines/masking

This problem has existed in revit for 15+ years and been reported in the forums multiple times but get closed because someone comes up with a backwards solution or indicates it's not possible.


The intended functionality should be to

- Add a masking region or at minimum a nested family with a masking region to a section head and have any lines in the section head not be obstructed.

- be able to draw lines in the section head that will NOT rotate without having to copy lines from the default section.



The goal is to have a generic very standard section head with a line seperating the detail and sheet numbers, that does NOT rotate and has a masking region so when used in plans it can block out anything behind it.


The current solution using text underlines is NOT an acceptable solution...

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@tnievesP53K8, I respect your experience with this issue.

The dividing line does rotate like you say, wouldn't selecting "rotate text with component"  solve the issue so that the text rotates with the line, or did you want to always keep the text horizontal?


Screenshot 2023-02-24 152241.jpg

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