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Fix existing issues before asking for new ideas

Fix existing issues before asking for new ideas

Troll inside, but well, it' s so true:

What about fixing existing issues and inconsistencies before asking for new ideas?

And make a useful help file? (you did it with autocad, why not here?)




Autodesk isn't actually asking for these ideas -- it's mostly users pushing the envelope here -- the Revit developers do have a history of checking this forum and other sites, with a view to seeing what is most important, and this particular thread is a great way to not only post new ideas, but discuss their merits and vote to demonstrate relative level of user demand.   

Of course, fixing the numerous problems with Autodesk's products is important, but that what patches are for, rather than new versions -- those patches/service packs/updates are delivered by a different team to the new feature developers, and there are separate Community forums for discussing bugs and the like,


If you have specific issues with your own install you may need to contact your reseller.

Excelente ideia! obrigado pelo envio @fruity101079 

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Autodesk Design & Make Report

Autodesk Design & Make Report