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Fix area rules with new subordinate area type

Fix area rules with new subordinate area type

Area rules don’t work for measuring apartments in Australia. They also don’t work as stated on the Autodesk website. Given the lack of fuss about this, I’m guessing how they actually work aligns with the system of measurement in America.


For the most part it is possible to work around this, but we still have to draw the edges of balconies in even if there are walls, because we run out of hierarchical  choices to get the line to place properly.


If Exterior Area worked as it says it does on the Autodesk website, we wouldn’t need to do this. But I suspect it’s the website that’s ‘wrong’ from Autodesk’s perspective, so if changing the existing rules is a problem, the other fix would be a new subcategory that is subordinate to all other categories. ie, the reverse of Major Penetration, it always measures to the inside face of a wall.  

eg Subordinate Area / Site / Surrounds / No category / Nil..?  

Even better would be to have area rules that actually work as we need them to here in Australia.. 



1. ‘Fix’ the area rules to work as per website? (Or fix the website, and do one of the following):

2. Create new subordinate subcategory that enables us to adapt the rules to suit our system of measurement

3. Enable editing of the area rules!


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I have a similar need to change the way Revit is applying area rules to specific areas.


In South Africa we need to measure Coverage and Floor Area Ratio both on the exterior face of the building. I could use the Gross Building Area scheme but then I cannot select Major Vertical Penetration to subtract that area for double volume areas above, plus we also measure GBA differently to FAR. So either way I have to create additional Area Schemes and manually draw each line individually, effectively making the "Rules" set by each scheme totally useless to me.


It would help so much if I could just set the rules for each Area Type in a Scheme individually.


Furthermore, we also have to calculate the internal floor area separately to determine our Fenestration Limits, so I inevitably end up making 3 or 4 different area schemes and having to manually draw each individual line as Area Boundary. This process is killing a lot of time for me.


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