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Find things

Find things

The idea is very bold indeed: Offer a search bar to find things.

There always was the search function inside the project browser, now there is this I will shrink your pb function that is to enhance that undertaking. This is all good but does not help you in the least when what you are searching is not inside the pb. Say you are looking for a specific room that has 'control' in its name. The project is not your average single family home but say an airport with hundreds of rooms per level. The current way to find that room or rooms fitting the bill is to setup a room schedule acting as that bill. Once you have that ready (and still remember why you set ip up in the first place) you can select the rooms you found and use the 'show in model' tool to actually drop you in a view showing that room.

Right now I am tempted to export floor plans with auto room tags as pdf files and use the Acrobat search, then return to Revit and edit. That way I would even find 'control' if the string was dropped into the rooms' comments that I had not thought of putting into my schedule approach. I will give in to that temptation right now, because it seems easier.


How could you not vote for "find anything"?


@Mark_Engwirda That is because I could not find anything on find anything. Would you share that idea? I will vote presently.

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