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Filters that maintain Overrides independent of View Templates

Filters that maintain Overrides independent of View Templates

I would like to see filters maintain overrides. 

When I created a view without using a view template and I add a filter, I adjust the overrides within the filter, so the view reflects the filter.

If I create a new view and add the same filter, I have to perform the same task of adjusting the overrides.


I would love to see the overrides be part of the filter. 

This would save allot of time and headache.





Create a view template with filters being the only category it controls and include the filter and overrides you want.


You can then apply the template and leave it applied or apply and remove it to quickly add the filter and its overrides to any view you want.


Filter-only template is a creative workaround of a problem which should be solved properly. What we are missing is the ability to save the settings of override. This ideally should be independent from the filter itself. giving you the flexibility to tweak the overrides as necessary yet retain the ability to quickly copy them across.


The idea behind my post is to try to avoid using VT.

Lets say you have 5 view created. You need to have multiple filters per view.

If you create a VT for one it may not work for another.

Yes I agree you can create a VT with your filters. 
But saving 5 different VT takes time and puts us back to using what Revit already has built in.

My post is a new idea for Revit to adapt. 


I was just suggesting a way to currently do instead of having to apply the filters to views individually and change their overrides every time.


I do agree it could be useful to have the filter overrides built into the filter. if that is implemented I think there needs to be a separate filter type added for that functionality so that you can have it both ways.

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