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Filters - Make graphic overrides apply across the project

Filters - Make graphic overrides apply across the project

In addition to view specific overrides for filters, make graphic overrides so that you can apply the filter to any view and not have to reset your overrides. 


Filter overrides.png


 A Named Global Appearance Override that may be optionally associated with a Filter and applied to a View would be most robust.  Visibility Graphics>Filters>instead of overriding each property independently and for every view applied, select from a list of Named Appearance Overrides.

Even better?:  Allow Global Appearance Overrides to be saved at the individual properties level.  For example, a particular Cut Pattern Fill Color could be saved and named (ex: Walls taller than 10ft could show as lite blue-and this particular shade of Blue could be replicated with ease across separate Filters and Views.). This functionality could replace Room and Space Color Schemes.  This functionality could enable replacing Phase Filters with [View Filters + Named Global Visibility Overrides + Phases].


The best upgrades are those that allow the removal of other functionality, maintaining a clean, orthogonal software.


Not only we neet be useful way to save filter styles to apply in more than one view without replicate the visual overrides of the filter manually (filter by filter one by one projected line, projected surface, cut line, cut surface), or applying a template to copy the filter graphics and then remove the view template.


We also need a way to create a legend from filter overrides in Revit.

Filter overrides usually mean something or classify the elements in views representing attributes or special characteristics of the objects. In some case we are forced to create legend of that with filled regions and detail lines (with overrides, to no create a lot of types). But if the filter is modified we have to modify manually those legend.

It will be very useful if revit automatically create a legend from filters in views, like the ones we have in AutoCAD Map 3D or any GIS software.


AutoCAD Map 3DAutoCAD Map 3D



ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro



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